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Username: Ramorgi
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:41 pm

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✘ where you can find me ✘
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    • Ooh you probably have to clip it to the colored/shaded layer.

    • I think on Sai there's a vector and raster layer option too. But if you're coloring and you're coloring over lines on a different layer, all you need to do is move the layer you're coloring on, underneath the layer with the lines to be able to see them. Or use the magic wand tool to select the area you want to color and color it, OR both. Don't read the striked part if it'll confuse you.

    • Oooh what don't you understand about layers? I can try to help.

    • Very true, the eye doctor is just ick

    • Did they give you the funky glasses at least? :o

    • Omg did they dilate your eyes? They are cruel.

    • Okie :3 and I know whatcha mean

    • Do you wanna wait until the next wave of haikatts or do you want the daffodil on the page?

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