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Username: Ramorgi
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:41 pm

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✘ where you can find me ✘
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    • Yup! if you ever feel like selling/trading it please do tell me

    • Just wanted to say your custom nudragon is the best nudragon I ever saw wow

    • Thank you!~

    • Aaaaa I'm so glad you like it! qwq

    • the luggons are coming the luggons are coming

    • Oooh I see, well it's good it works, and I suppose just practice! I'm coloring more scrawlies right now, I have been super duper lazy with my painties haha.

    • Okay, hopefully it works or I can stream what I said and walk you through it or ask a friend that uses Sai.

    • Okay so I use clip studio paint so it might be a bit different but you're gonna want to open the file on sai, add a new raster layer and clip that to the line/shading layer and then you select overlay or soft light or whatever you prefer and then you can color it over the shading.

    • I know how you could do it, it's just hard to explain like, idk in text. Blah. But I want to help ;o; Can I see the file though?

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