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Username: Ramorgi
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:41 pm

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✘ where you can find me ✘
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    • Oh, that's disappointing, I really wanted it, maybe I'll try asking them

    • Yeah the recovery is a bitch, I had to relearn to walk and everything.
      btw just in case again I'm gonna offer a Fluffy Chihuahua and a Foxfire Kitsune for your nudragon, I have 6 nudragons now hooray

    • Better, I got back from the hospital recently for open heart surgery, it was really shocking, I had a deadly growth in my heart for months without knowing

    • That's great!! I ended up getting another USD commission the day after the one I told you about, so I still have one commission to do before I get to yours still c:

    • It's super nice to know the luggons still are a thing! Take your time, don't stress out about anything. If you do end up making more of them I'd love an uncommon one to finish off the collection of all the different rarities of them owo.

    • ah thanks! I just didnt want to resell it without the creator's ok!

    • A while back I I got a luggon for 200 FD, however, I never did anything with him, even though he is adorable, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to sell them for 200 FD or lower? Cause I dont think im ever going to get around to doing anything with him, and Its a great design and i want it to go to a better home

      also, I need Fd but shhh

    • Hey friend, just wondered again if ya might give any thought to trafing yer nudragon

    • *dinorawrs @ u*

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