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User ID: #90694
Username: Taki_Wolf
Gender: Male
Last Online: 26 May 2023, 12:06 am
Registered: 27 Mar 2017, 10:22 pm

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Heerrrooo~! =w=

I am your friendly neighborhood wolf, the resident canine!
Support our Wolves!
Visit the Wolf Conservation Center!

I am an Olde Foxburian! Mainly of Japanese and Mexican (well, very mixed with European, too) descent, I am no pedigree, but my mutt nature is what makes me polite and helpful! ^n^

I certainly wish to be committed to FurVilla and my town Olde Foxbury for many seasons to come! Expect to see this wolf trying to contribute or fail at it!

Some things about me:
I also go by Tak, and Taco, Tako, Take-chan, Takeeto.

I am...
Insect/crawlies nut
I catch many things, as well as spiders being my favorite. I care for my "neighbors" and make sure they grow strong and safe in their webs. They are pure, and I go out of my way to help them. Highly interested in entomology.

Occasional gardener/plant hobbyist
Not very adept, but interested in growing and observing plant life. Also interested in environment and ecosystem functions.

Likes Animals, especially canines
My top canid favorites are all wolves, all German Shepherds (Blue Bays look floof), and all Siberian Huskies! Coyotes also are up there. Hope to learn more on Dire Wolves. Enjoys reading on their biology, social and psyche.
Absolute shameless wolf lover and adamant advocate
Very into the research of wolf society, their psyche, emotions and general behaviors, and their relationships with other beings and the environment. Hope to meet everyone and expand my pack. Beware; An enemy of wolf is an enemy mine. I am sworn in life to never kill a wolf, and to fight for my kin.

Have done all kinds of art mediums, such as painting, etching, sketch, digital paint and animation, etc. I spend significant amounts of my daily time elaborating and creating stories that I've made since before middle school and beyond. As there is huge diversity and setting I worldbuild a lot!

#1 fan of Anchorman Frostbite!


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    • I've had similar issues in the past recently. I think the intention was for it to work if the user goes first. Might be worth submitting a bug report.

    • You are always welcome by Mosaic's house! You are the only visitor he has haha.

    • yussss another wolf canine! hello fello wolf!

    • Where are your own houses , visitor

    • Ahh!! ;0; Thank you so much!!! It's much too fancy for him, but safety is safety~~ (Thank you!)

    • Openable and usable items still works after the event that grants them.

    • Thank you for visiting Melancholia ^^

    • *eyes you* You're the only one to visit Bea's house. Ever.

    • Cool to find someone who also loves spiders and is an artist! Thanks for the welcome!

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