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Villager: Asterion



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ID: #49578

Name: Asterion

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: fantatara

Species: Big Cat

Color: Lion

Costume: Royal


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 6 Feb 2019, 9:05 pm

Likes: 18 ♥

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Asterion looks stunning!

Asterion's very special treasures!


My name is Asterion. I'm on a quest to be the ultimate warrior!
It's going to be a long and hard process, but I'm not giving up!
I may not be the best warrior in all of Furvilla, but that doesn't mean I'll make my opponent's fight easy!

I'm always down for a battle at the tourney. Feel free to challenge me!
I'm free 7pm-11pm EST Monday-Friday, and random times on Saturday & Sunday.

My current goals:

None atm


Comments 22

    • Thanks for the battles ^_^ Those were some good battles, looks like when I go with a Qurious Blade I would need a way to freeze the opponent to prevent dodging since those missed hits can cost the win.

    • Thanks for the battles ^_^

    • Thanks for the battles!! That cursed strike is brutal lol, definitely worthy of being considered the ultimate warrior :DD

    • Thanks for the battles ^_^ I even managed to get a few wins on you with my armored unicorn procts and by dodging the cursed strike. Eventually I will work my way up to the Qurious Blade build, just need to farm the Dark Mythic Tablet which seems like could take a while.

    • seems like standard tourney turn order is being determined by normal speed (mine is 36.69) instead of whatever it is once our equipment is scaled down to 100%. thanks for confirming my hunch! I'll send a bug report.

    • hey, what's your speed outside of the standard tourney (ie, before all your equipment is reverted to 100% potency)? I'm trying to figure out why I'm going second when 35 > 31.

    • Thanks! It's mostly just all of the sockets in everything and Armour of the Divine Kitsune.

    • Thank you for the battles, it’s been a while since I had an opponent who would still stay in the matching process while I try out different equipments! It was a pleasure fighting!

    • Phew, those were good battles.
      Thanks for the tourney fights for the fortnight!

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