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User ID: #23115
Username: Hiilumaru
Gender: Female
Last Online: 2 Jan 2018, 1:14 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:35 am

Profile description

tumblr_inline_mg15qnUpxW1qdlkyg.gif Hiilumaru | she/her | 20 | Kawaii af tumblr_inline_mg15qnUpxW1qdlkyg.gif
ShttNrd.gif Pansexual | single ShttNrd.gif
ZAzADWL.gif Full of furry fury ZAzADWL.gif
tumblr_inline_mg16egIXKr1qdlkyg.gif Believes in you! tumblr_inline_mg16egIXKr1qdlkyg.gif
8m3vYyR.gif Has too much energy for my own good 8m3vYyR.gif
tumblr_inline_mg16gs7UAn1qdlkyg.gif Has troubles with words (and makes many typos), be patient with me tumblr_inline_mg16gs7UAn1qdlkyg.gif
tumblr_inline_mg16gyXkiw1qdlkyg.gif Likes to talk, come talk to me! tumblr_inline_mg16gyXkiw1qdlkyg.gif

I'm Hiilumaru, but anyone who cares to can call me Hiilu! I really should chill, but I probably won't. I'm just here to have a good time. I'm a massive slut for glitter, bright colors, rainbows, peppy music and things that light up. I also love basically anything kiddy or childlike; I collect plushies and My Little Ponies, and my absolute favorite things that exist are those cyworld and sayclub scenery pixels. There's a gallery here if you don't know what I'm talking about! They literally defined my aesthetic when i was 10 and ten years later I finally learned the origins of my origins I can't believe my life

In terms of personality, I'm either cheerful, too cheerful, asleep or full of unbridled rage! I do spend a lot of time feeling dead inside, however, but I think that's just because I have too much energy for my own good and you run out of battery really fast when your screen's always at 100% brightness! Even then, I'm still in a good mood, even on bad days. I used to be a lot sadder and more anxious, but after a few major struggles, I kinda learned how to save my anger for when somebody earns it, which improved my attitude dramatically!
Don't earn it, by the way, I'm bulletproof and like to fight! I'll take you out.

tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif tumblr tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif art tumblr tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif quotev tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif deviantarttumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif therian blog tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif Toyhou.se tumblr_m2o4whBH2R1qb1380.gif

Villagers 10

Comments 11

    • I LOVE your villager profiles and characters! They're so cute and detailed!

    • @dei i'm always watching... waiting
      for real though, i'm getting all my trades and such done so i have like, three tabs of fv open xux gotta furry fast

    • No problem. Wow you are often active, haha! 42 seconds.

    • @dei aaa thank you!

    • Also, I saw your most recent art on DA was a Shiny Meowth. So cute! Meowth's my favorite.

    • Such nice profile and villagers. You sound very interesting.

    • Haha, I love your profiles, characters and overall personality. Great job on everything.

    • Nice css!

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