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User ID: #2969
Username: Lance-C-Bones
Rank: Helper
Gender: Male
Last Online: 18 Feb 2019, 3:36 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:49 pm

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Bowtie icon by PastelShadows

Lance Pop by Rotsuoy

Gamer icon by Imoku

My "Imaginary Lance that doesn't exist" was more than generously donated to me by Wasteland_Wyvern

Warrior equipment spreadsheet
If it's missing anything or is incorrect anywhere, let me know and I can update it~! Last updated: January 29rd, 2019. 7:51am FV time. Shoutout to msjanny for helping me out with updating this!

And yes... This is one large village of "Lance".

Amazing book brought to you by PastelShadows


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    • anti-lance: lance but with the colors switched...blue and yellow witched n the green eyes would be uhhhhh magenta

    • Thanks for purchasing my totem! :0

    • so much lance

    • Kitty

    • Hey Lance. Just wanted to write this comment asking if you'd wanna have a small pm conversation or whatnot. Had some things on my mind and wanted to talk to someone.

    • Show us all kitty-Lance! =)

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