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User ID: #67307
Username: Hamichu
Gender: 肥宅 ( not fat house)
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 9:55 am


Profile description

Thank you anons and fairies for bringing me candycorn and all sorts of wonderful gifts! You're amazing and really made my day <3
Plq23Gg.png Q3fOlJT.png PhN8mgT.pngB3nRmdH.png← Grab bags!

Hamichu | +13 FV time | Taiwan

Hi there! Glad to meet you!
(I was also neko990706.)
I don't really speak English,
so I will type and reply really slow

I draw for monz,
but sometimes do free art
when I feel like it.
Don't play much now
because of work,
but I still log in everyday
Feel free to send a friend request
or pm me
I don't bite ....... I guess? :3

★ Wishlist

A whole bunch of these

1906-bright-sky-dragon-scales.png1907-shining-sun-dragon-scales.png1903-gilded-magical-gills.png1902-aqua-magical-gills.png1908-dark-mythic-tablet.png1904-toxic-candycorn.png1631-brown-chipmunk.png 4556-sherbet-boomer.png4077-festive-lights-decosaur.png 3929-rainbow-sparkle-rhinacorn.png1993-enchanted-sash.png

★My Dreams (Goals)
I collect lances
when I got the first "Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist" drop ever in FV history.

2022-enchanted-to-be-awesome-signet-ring4238-jade-blade.png 3341-unicorn-lance.png <- Just need this last one

Flight rising/toyhou.se/Plurk/Deviantart(I barely use tho)

★To Do List (important)
  • HQ art of the FR dragon for Pesticide (Down payment)
*Extra gift art included.

★CSS base by snowflakeartist & jennawing ,edit by myself
★Little flower deco by Yesirukey
★Background by Ellysiumn

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    • Aw, you didn’t need to give me anything though! Thank you!

    • Most welcome, I hope you gather all the candy corn you need soon!

    • ofc; good luck getting all those candycorns, thats gonna be a helluva job aaahh :(

    • high fives you groovily......thank you for the lovely compliments !!

    • Thank you candycorn fairy <3 I really needed the support!

    • Thanks The brown stripes of a liar! It was a pretty big surprise! I love it <3

    • Thank you laughing fairy! That was really sweet^ ^

    • Nah, it's fine. I just wanted to help out someone who needed it.

    • Thank you friend !!!

    • lol *if* it wins but I like your enthusiasm XD

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