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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(Quick Answers to General Questions)
By: MOD-Poltergeist

Note: This is a work in progress, the "☁" symbol is a placeholder for where I still need to add text!
Q: How do I make a Topic/Thread in the forums?

A: To make a topic you click the giant blue "New Topic" button on the upper right side of the selected forum you would like to make a topic in.
Q: How do I ping someone on the forums?

A: Type @accountname or @user_id! It will notify the user and link them to the post.
Q: When I go to make a structure with my construction worker the item selected for “wood” is not wood, is this the right item?

A: In Furvilla, the "Wood" items are actually a various types of material “Slabs”; and that is the correct item. See all wood items in the item museum. (Lumber, however is a blacksmithing material in Olde Foxbury)
Q: What happens when a house occupied by a villager loses all of its durability?

A: The villager will not be able to work until the house is replaced. Houses no longer break but will stay indefinitely at one durability until repaired.
Q: What happens when a stable occupied by a pet loses all of its durability?

A: The animal contained in the stable will not be able to breed. You will not be able to breed, domesticate, feed, or collect animals to that stable until the stable is repaired. 
Q: What are all the MiniPets?

A: A list of all minipets can be found in the item museum.
The Knowledge Base articles below can provide more information regarding their origins.
Q: I sold some items from my Stall but I can’t find my money! Where is it?

A: Have you checked your Stall Till? From the “Manage Stall” page click the button at the top that says “Stall Till”! If it’s not in there, then file a report.
Q: What do you mean by “The latter includes but is not limited to, upside down text, quickly spinning or bouncing images, backgrounds that are too similar to the text colour, and animated or high-contrast backgrounds.” in the CSS Rules?

A: See this help article: CSS Rules Clarifications
Q: How long does it take for a Paintie to be accepted in the queue?

A: As of now, the wait is typically 1-3 days. Depending on how many painties have been submitted a day (it is constantly fluctuating) it will take a longer or shorter amount of time. Please have patience.
Q: What is all of the BBCode we can use in the forums?

A: See this help article: BBCode Guide
Q: Why isn't my Emoji working?

A: Emoji images don't typically work on websites aside from Twitter or other sites (usually social media sites) with emoji coded into them. Since it needs to be coded into the site for them to work, they do not currently work on Furvilla. There are a few "Emoji" that work everywhere because there is a symbols font equivalent your browser will source when you post the emoji, which is something that has always worked on all sites (ie. stars, hearts, etc.) but most don't work across the board. Sometimes your browser will replace a symbols font image with an emoji image (I have seen this on Chrome) but it's not something unanimous across all browsers right now and it still won't work with every image.

Here's some examples of things that should work:
Symbols (note: images not marked as Symbols may not work)
Japanese Emotes/ASCII
ASCII Emotes
(just keep in mind the site might think you're trying to use BBCODE if there are any brackets in it and will break the emote as a result.)
Q: What is the wardrobe, and how do I access it?

A: The wardrobe is a feature in the game for your villagers to be able to use multiple painties! If you select a villager's profile, a link to the wardrobe will be in the upper right hand corner. From this menu, (after clicking that button) if you have purchased wardrobe slots, uploaded multiple painties ,and had them approved, you should be able to select which one you want to be currently active on the villagers!
Please see the applicable Knowledge Base article.
Q: What is the Giving Tree? How do I get to it?

A: The giving tree is a section on site for people of all villages to share Furvilla items for free with all of the users on site! It is located in the "Town Hall" drop down.
This is a good way to share items from your town with people who are either new to the website or trying to complete Quests or Job Achievements!
Q: What are Quests? How do I get to them?

A: Quests are akin to collection quests like you would see in an MMORPG. A list of Furvilla items from across the site will be asked of you to retrieve from in game and returned to the Quest page. After you retrieve and submit the items in your current quest, you will be able to level up, gain points, and rewards! Quests last for an allotted period of time and you are free to move onto the next quest if you feel your current quest is just not one you feel you can or want to complete. You can find items for your quests multiple ways on site, some good ways to find them are: The Giving Tree, Trading with your Friends, Stall Search, on the Forums, battling as a Warrior, Exploring, or anything else you can think of! The Quest page is located in the "Town Hall" drop down.
Q: What is the Change Log? How do I get updates from it?

A: The Change Log is a part of the site where small updates are tracked that are not "News" post worthy. You can access the Change Log through the button on the upper right of the news page.
You can also request to be alerted on site when updates are made to the Change Log by checking the "CHANGE LOG NOTIFICATIONS ENABLED" check box under "NOTIFICATIONS" section on your "User Settings" Page.
Q: What are the rules for trading off-site?

A: The rules are pinned to the top of every commerce subforum. It is allowed as long as the other site allows it, and the other site does not allow real money trading.
Q: I want a (insert species here) villager! Will you be adding a (insert species here)?

A: There is no "set list" for how many or what species will be added to Furvilla as the site plans to add species continuously. Consider making a paintie. (Check to see if there is a user-made base for it!)
Q: How do I buy FD?

A: In your "User Panel" (on the far right of the screen), if you click the number next to the floating FD, you will be linked to the page where you can find FD! You can also locate the Buy FurDollars page via the link in the Commerce menu (left column of the menu, last link at the bottom.)
Q: What happens to my FD or Paintie Ticket if my Paintie is rejected?

A: You do not lose your FD or Paintie Ticket. It will be returned to you. 

Q: How do I submit a bug report?

A: Please check the Bug Reports subforum to see if it's a known issue. If not, create a thread.

If the bug can be exploited, do NOT create a thread. Instead, on the Contact Us page, use the drop down to select "report a bug or exploit" and make a thorough write up about the exploit you have found.


Q: How can I earn FD?

A: There are many ways to earn FD on Furvilla! You can buy FD on site with real money, sell any items in your stall for FD, do paintie commissions for FD, sell villagers for FD, do art commissions for FD, do services for other users for FD, or even make CSS code for FD! Check out the Commerce section of the forums for places to sell your services and expertise. There is also a Guide in the Knowledgebase that should help with this here: http://www.furvilla.com/help/21-earning-currency
Q: What are the perks to buying FD through the site?

A: This is the fastest way to earn FD on site. It's also a good way to tell the developers of the site that you appreciate this free-to-play game! You can use Paypal and Stripe to buy FD and it's reasonably priced for the quantity you receive to ensure that it's affordable. (ie. $5 USD can get you enough FD to upload 2 Painties!) The main draw of obtaining FD is to buy Paintie uploads or items in the FurDollar Emporium.
Q: If I transfer my OC onto a Paintie base, does that mean Furvilla owns my character?

A: Nope! You still retain the rights to your original character.
Q: What are account infractions?

A: Repeated instances or especially grievous instances of rule breaking behavior will result in an infraction
Q: How do I find out what and where my account infractions are?

A: Your infractions can be found here.
Q: How do you repair a house/pot/stable in use?

A: If you have a Construction Worker:
Go to your construction worker's profile and make them your active villager. Then go to the page with the house/pot/stable you want to repair and click it. An option to "repair" should be visible. Pages with repairable items are within the Animal Husbandry career of a villager's profile, within the Herbalist career of a villager's profile, and on any villager's page which is in a house that is not on a FurCoins Slot.
If you don't have a Construction Worker or your construction worker is busy:
Use the Maintenance Market Page to find a villager available to repair your item. Houses can be repaired at any time for any villager via the Maintenance Market regardless of what villager you have set to active. To repair Animal Stables and Herbalist Pots though, you must make the villager active that uses the pots/stables in their career before selecting “Repair Item” from the Market.
Q: What is the difference between costumes and Painties?

A: Painties can be applied to all site villager bases. Painties modify the look of a villager base and are uploaded by the user. Costumes (and morphing potions) are items that can be applied to a villager which changes what the villager base is on that specific villager. Costumes can only be applied to specific species right now and there is only one color option for each costume, However, after applying a costume (or morphing potion) you can make a Paintie using the costume base to customize it. The Paintie that is active on your villager must use the base of that costume (or new species) that the villager is currently set to. Costumes can also boost career stats!
More info on Costumes is available here: http://www.furvilla.com/help/8-costumes
More info on Painties is available here: http://www.furvilla.com/painties
Q: How do you mass-export Stabled Minipets?

A: At the bottom of the Animal Husbandry career page, there are 3 buttons: Manage Stables, Import Animals, and Import Stables. To mass-export Stabled Minipets, press the Manage Stables button. On this page you can check the "Export Animal" box on as many pets as you would like to export. You can also mass export stables from this page, stables and pets at the same time, and sort the order of your stables on this page! The other two buttons at the bottom of the Animal Husbandry career page are for mass importing Stables and Animals from your inventory.
Q: If I block someone, can they still see my site activities?

A: Nope! If you block someone, they cannot see your profile, comments, forum threads, forum posts, villagers, or painties.
Q: How do I trade multiple items to another user? How do I accept or start a one-way trade for multiple items?

A: Here's a handy dandy guide about trading: http://www.furvilla.com/help/3-trading-system
Q: Can I sell the painties I have made, and make custom painties for users in return for real money?

A: Yes! This is 100% okay!
Q: What is the Bank? How does it work?

A: It functions exactly like a real bank! Put your money in it, store your money in it, take your money out as needed.
Q: What is the Menagerie for?

A: The Menagerie is for collecting animals/minipets and displaying them! You can display a male and a female of each pet.
Q: I am sensitive to gore, profanity, and/or substance abuse, is there a way to block these types of painties?

A: On the User Settings page, scroll down to the "Browsing" section, and there should be some options to filter out these types of painties. The options are labled: Hide Gore Painties, Hide Substance Use Painties, and Hide Profanity Painties. If there is a paintie that you see that you don't want to see for any other reason, there is a block button on every paintie page that you can click to block that paintie.
Q: What Timezone does Furvilla run on?

A: CST (Central Time)
Q: How many times am I allowed to change Villages in a month?

A: As often as you want.
Q: How does the House and Item Durability Potion Work?

A: The house durability potion raises the maximum durability of a house by 10. The item durability potion raises maximum durability of an item by 5.————————————————————————————
Q: What happens when I remove a Costume from a villager?

A: The costume will be destroyed.
Q: What happens to my Villager Houses when I switch Villages?

A: You will still have all your houses! If you want to replace the house on that villager though, it will have to be a house of your new village.
Q: How can I change my profile photo/avatar and forum signature?

A: Go to the Forums and click on the "Settings" button with the gear on it. From that page you can create a signature in the top box labeled "SIGNATURE". Below that, in the "AVATAR" section, you can upload a 100 x 100 pixel png image. You can also change forum vistas, customize your font in the forums, and customize other forum settings.
Q: Is copying CSS from other user's profiles through view-source okay to do? As long as I don't sell it or claim I wrote it?

A: No, this would be considered stealing someone's custom CSS code! There is however a lot of Free CSS on site here! (click the word "by" next to the names to go to the links) And a helpful guide here!

And you could always ask questions in the Coding Discussion forum or find something in the Coding Sales forum!

My profile is actually created using lots of modified free code too. :D
Q: Why can’t we use parts from Rare Species or Costumes on Painties that are not of the rare-species or wearing the costume?

A: Players work hard to unlock rare species and costumes. It is unfair to the players who have worked hard to craft, buy, or otherwise unlock the Rare Species and Costumes. These parts are intended to be used as a whole and only on the Rare Species and Costume bases. You are more than welcome to mod any parts from normal bases or make a Paintie of a Rare Species or Costume once you have unlocked them (and then only on the villager that has this species or costume assigned to it.)
Q: Which MODs are currently online?

A: If you click the link in your user panel to who is currently online, the online MODs will be listed at the top of the list! http://www.furvilla.com/online
Q: What do MODs do on site? What is their function?

A: MODs are on site to help users, enforce rules, and make sure the user's voices are heard. MODs are NOT coders, programmers, server maintenance, game designers, rule writers, or paid Furvilla employees. MODs are volunteer community members who have passion for the site and want to make sure Furvilla is the BEST experience it can be for users on site. They cannot add site features, change game design, make the site rules, or change anything about the site or game, but they can help relay information about these things!!! We are not permitted to "play" on our accounts so as a result comments, friends requests, villagers, etc. are disabled on our accounts. We help out in the forums, chatrooms, with reports, and anything else we can! When we are working, we are in communication with the other MODs and talk to them about decisions we make. Some mods specialize more in some things more than others and as a result you will see them more active in one section of the site more than others like the chat, forums, reports, or even specialized types of reports. (ie. CSS, forums, behavioral issues, etc.)
Q: Who are the MODs? What does each MOD do?

A: Click this link to learn about who the mods are!
Q: There is something I have a question about that isn't in the FAQ, where should I go?

A: Here are some helpful links that may help answer your questions. If none of these links help and you think another user can help, make a post in this forum!
- Guides Forum
- Knowledgebase
- Contact Us
- E-mail one of the following e-mail addresses: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/24579-furvilla-email-addresses