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Incoming Sales Tax

Posted by Admin-Mat on 15 Aug 2016, 2:05 am


Furvilla is in the process of implementing a FurCash sales tax for the user shops. When a player sells an item to another player for FurCash, a sales tax of 5% will be removed from the purchase price, and the remainder will be deposited into the shop till as normal. The goal of this addition is to help sink small amounts of FurCash and ensure the strength of the currency. When calculating the tax, it will be 5% of the total, rounded down, with a minimum of 1 FurCash.

This change will be implemented in forty-eight hours or at 2:00 AM Furvilla Time on August 17th, so please be sure to alter your item prices if desired before that deadline.

In addition, the Moth Morphing Potion has been released into Olde Foxbury, and three new species colors are released -- Culpeo Fox, Long Eared Owl, and Osprey Raptor. We have also completed construction of the Trades page, which allows players to trade villagers, items, and currency freely. The link to the Trades page is located on the Town Hall.

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    • hey, i'd really appreciate the ability to delete posts, trying to bump my art thread and being unable to clean it up bothers me

    • AspenFae
      It doesn't go anywhere, it's more or less "erased" from existence.

      Which is absolutely necessary right now, because we have over 400 people online at a given time, constantly generating FC on an hourly basis, and none of it being taken out of circulation. It just continues to pass from account to account through users buying from and selling to each other, which eventually mingles in with the other currency being generated every hour.

      Which, in the long run, is going to make the virtual currency utterly worthless, which means higher prices when users go to sell their stuff. Because otherwise, there's going to be too much money and not enough supply to fit the needs of the userbase. And that's a pretty big problem.

      Right now, the only ways to erase currency from existence are the marketplace tax and the NPC shops in each village. And let's face it, once you buy from the shops you don't need a reason to go back most times unless you have a Blacksmith that needs items for weapons/shields/armor, or a Doctor or Alchemist that needs containers for medicines and potions.

      The tax is a good first step, but it's not nearly enough. We need even more ways to take FC out of circulation because stuff is already getting bad and the site's not even out of closed beta yet. When the floodgates open and the site is finally public, the user count is going to spike, and that means even MORE hourly generated currency which is only going to amplify this problem ten-fold.

    • I'm just curious as to where this sales tax even goes.

    • I know in the feedback department I asked them to do something about the economy but this...wasn't the solution. I can't say I'm really mad anymore like when they first announced this but I'm also horribly disappointed in their choice of direction. My best workaround is to sell directly to the computer where there's no tax, use my villagers to sustain myself (I have 11 villagers now who can do everything but tailor, it's too difficult to gather or buy coins to make a tailor worth it to me) and when I'm ready to master things in a new region, I'll just move.

      I don't touch the stalls now, when my FC through patient gathering and selling of items breaks 50,000 I send 30,000 to the bank and only withdraw when I need something. So far it's working for me though I'm gradually losing interest in this game in general. I was losing interest before the tax enforcement but this definitely sped along the process. I may not stay save for the occasional glance.

    • Yea no I argee with some other people. I'm just going to horde sell stuff. This isn't worth trying.

      don't mind me just closing my user stall.

    • Yeah no, this tax business is good in theory and when introduced pretty much at the beginning (see: FR with Auction House 'tax') but now that FV's economy is tanking, it further reinforces the inventory selling users like myself do already because we can't sell /anything/. Sure, things were going in the beginning but this is just going to make folks rely more on themselves and what their villagers can do than buy from user stalls. As somebody said in the comments below, FC is hard to get as is without playing the economy so this tax is... Not very helpful. There are other ways to create money sinks.

    • This doesn't make much sense to me. If you're gonna be adding a sales tax it should be automatically applied to the prices, not forcing the users to calculate it themselves and figure out how they need to compensate.

    • Welp...the medicine profit, for what it was worth, seems to be COMPLETELY gone now. The prices have further tanked, which essentially makes user stalls useless.

      Maybe I should forfeit the idea of making medicines and costumes and just sell Sun Coins for exorbitant prices instead. There SEEMS to be profit in that, at least. -.-;

    • Sadly, with the spike in illness for my villagers, I was already not as active on this game as I'd hoped I'd be. Now this... I understand trying to fix inflation but truth be told, just slapping a bandaid on a hemorrhaging artery isn't going to solve a whole lot in the long run.
      [sighs shaking head]

      By the way, the taxes aren't working very well for any of the other main stream sites either. The inflation is still a huge problem. All it managed to do is make the players jack up their prices More to try making a profit. So an item that should have cost Maybe 100 ends up costing the buyer over a million.
      Because when Seller A is trying to make a profit with their supplies sales and cover the tax, they jack up their prices. That means to Crafter B then has to jack up Their prices to just break even, much less actually make a profit Themselves... And cover the taxes implemented.
      Sadly, it comes down to there's no way to fix inflation unless you go with straight barter and no currency at all.

    • I've been off the site for a couple weeks and thought FC meant FD for a few minutes... whew. I support this FC tax sink, though I would also prefer more useful FC sinks like NPC merchants. Almost every MMO I can recall playing (FR, WoW, ESO, GW2, Gaia, off the top of my head), except Mycena (which very strongly limits game currency acquisitions in the first place) has this tax sink. So long as FD isn't taxed, I support this and am glad to see it added.