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The Olde Foxbury Jousting Tournament

Posted by Admin-Mat on 15 May 2017, 12:47 pm


Minstrel says:

My goodness, it is SO exciting to bring you this event! The Jousting Tournament is always my favorite time of year, and I'm thrilled to see how each of you do.

Click here to visit the tournament grounds and sign up for the tournament!

Here's how it works: the tournament is villager vs villager, so you'll get to test out your awesome builds against others! As you win battles, you'll be given Valor Points and ranked against the other villagers with similar records. You can see the leaderboard there on the tournament page, as well as your Valor Points total. You may have noticed though, fighting other villagers is not the only way to earn Valor Points!


These old robots have been fighting in the Jousting Tournament's Festival Training Grounds and Festival Advanced Grounds for time immeasurable! Well, for me, at least.. they've been around much longer than I have.


Some of them are kind of scary looking...


And this one is downright terrifying! But at least there's a benefit to fighting against the tournament robots, huh? When you fight against our robots, you're able to earn Valor Points and there are some cool items that you can get from the battles too! So it's kind of like hitting around a pinata, sometimes something cool will come out!


So you might be wondering, what can you spend your Valor Points on when you get them? Well, to start! There are all these awesome weapons exclusive to this year's tournament that you can spend your points on in the Tournament Shop. They look pretty neat, don't they? You also have a small chance of having one drop when you smack around robotic monsters in the Festival Advanced Grounds!


There are also English Pointers, for all your hunting needs! (But don't hunt anywhere near me)


These Leoclaw are specially trained to be swordsmen also!


As for these, well... Mayor Polaria's granddaughter wanted to contribute something, and I didn't have the heart to say no... and I'm sure you'll love them anyway!

One last thing about Valor Points - most of the Valor Points you'll earn will be after the event. You can earn up to 1,000 Valor Points during the event (500 from PVP and 500 from the battlegrounds) but the lion's share of your points will be awarded based on your PVP ranking at the end of the event - you'll get 1000 - 2500 points based on your rating. You can purchase items immediately if you'd like, but it might be better to wait for your final total!


There are a number of really neat folks that have come out of the woodwork for the tournament. What can I say, these exciting matches draw furs from all around the globe! You can encounter these folks when you're exploring Olde Foxbury, and they might give you something (including magical plush toys to make yourself look exactly like them... how's that for doppelganger magic?). Why don't you try meeting them all?

If you're from a different village, come visit us for the festival so you can meet all these neat folks too! I've made it free to move to Olde Foxbury, and it'll be free to move back to your previous village when you're done here! (But only once for each!)


Hm... what else... oh yes! Some lovely new bovines have come to Olde Foxbury!


That is quite wonderful, don't you think? I've even heard some feathery friends are coming later in the tournament...
Ah-- yes!! One last thing, trophies!

Defeat 1,000 Tournament Battlegrounds Monsters for a Gold Battle Trophy!
Defeat 750 Tournament Battlegrounds Monsters for a Silver Battle Trophy!
Defeat 500 Tournament Battlegrounds Monsters for a Bronze Battle Trophy!

This one's a bit more complicated because it depends on ranking in the tournament itself, but the highest ranked players will receive the gold, second highest will receive the silver, and everyone who participates in the tournament will receive a bronze trophy!

Admin note:
The tournament event officially ends May 29, 2017. Be sure to get all PVP and PVE battles in between now and then!
All tournament minipets have a 7 day breeding cooldown. The tournament minipet species will become infertile on July 1, 2017.
Reason for this is some folks may want to buy their minipets when the final points are distributed.


NPC-Traveler "Puck" Paintie Contest

Posted by Staff on 14 May 2017, 11:57 pm


Hello everyone, just popping in to toss another fun little contest your way! Since people seemed to enjoy the Frostbite Paintie contest so much we've decided to hold another, this time for our newest NPC, NPC-Traveler, or "Puck" as he has been dubbed by some of our wonderful users. So check out the thread below and come show us what you can do!

NPC-Traveler "Puck" Paintie Contest



April Paintie Contest Winners!

Posted by Staff on 8 May 2017, 12:58 am


Hello again everyone, just stopping by to share some contest results!

April Paintie Contest

A big thank you to all of you that participated in the contest, there were so many lovely entries, you all made things very hard for our judges! Below are the winning entries, congratulations to all of the winners!

Entry by poppy-opium #88566


Entry by psychicsmutt #80835


Entry by luminarywitch #90413


Entry byTailgatescutebooty #3120


Entry by ToonLink #11034


*Painties have been uploaded and prizes will be sent out very soon! If you are one of the above winners please PM Admin-Mat with your FD Pet Box choices.*



Charging In To Battle!

Posted by Staff on 6 May 2017, 4:36 am


Hi All!

After some considerations, we’ve decided to release the combat update earlier than we had originally intended, for a few reasons. Firstly we want to make sure you all have enough time to adjust and get in a little practice before the tournament, and secondly, we also need your help in testing the system!

Currently, the system lacks a bit of polish - but this will come later. We’re looking to set the groundwork for now. Notably, a lot of the particularly powerful items may be difficult to come by, and this is intentional. We’ll likely improve the drop rates on these items after the tournament.

Primarily, though, we’d like to ask for a bit of patience while we sort out the numbers throughout the first week or so.

Battle System Feedback

What we’re looking for in this department is information regarding item drops as well as overall balance. If a monster feels too weak, let us know - if an item is too powerful, let us know - that sort of thing. This information will be reported in the Feedback Thread (linked below). While we can make adjustments to values (such as how likely an item is to drop, how much damage an item does, or what sort of stats a monster might have), changing core designs is less likely to happen at this stage, so keep that in mind.

The Feedback Thread is located here:

Battle System Feedback

Battle System Bugs

Now we’re not talking insects here, we’re trying to find for the mean, nasty kinds of bugs that ruin everyone’s fun. Right now we’re looking for things like obvious flaws with mechanics and calculations, but minor issues - such as misspelled descriptions, are useful as well. If anything seems wonky please report it in the thread linked below.

Additionally, if you discover an obvious exploit, please report it and don’t continue to exploit it. We’ve squashed the bugs that we noticed, but a system this big is inevitably going to have more bugs than we could find!

The Bug Report Thread is located here:

Battle System Bug Reports

Battle System Change Log

There will be a lot of changes coming in as we work to use your feedback and bug reports to better balance the system. If you’d like to stay updated on all those goings on then please feel free to check in at the link below!

The Battle Change Log is located here:

Battle System Change Log


To help everyone get started, we’ve added a login tracker on the front page that’ll award Warrior Elixirs and Chocolate Candy, as well as other goodies that you can claim once a day. Unlike the Daily Login Streak, you’ll be able to miss several days and still be able to claim all the rewards. And as long as you claim your rewards 20 times within the duration (expected duration is 40 days) you will still be able to collect the last tier rewards.

Awesome Goodies Are Here!

We also plan to give out a little reward for all of those that have clocked 200+ wins in the old Warrior system! So be on the lookout for that in the future.

Battle Item Shop Stock

Some new Battle related stock has been added to your Village Weapon Shops as well as the Recycle Shop. You’ll find some new basic armour in the Village shops and a few assorted goodies hanging out in the Recycle shop, Isadore is eager to take those Fur Gems off your hands.

Quick Guide for Getting Started

Any items you want to use with the new system you’ll need to convert manually from your inventory. Simply click the item and convert it to get started - remember, you don’t have to convert items that you want to save, and there are definitely perks for hanging on to legacy items so keep this in mind! Any new items created will be created with the new system.

To get started, all you’ll need is some store bought goods - but you can also use the stuff you’ll get in the above login tracker! At the very least, you’ll need to equip a new armour item as well as at least one weapon - though using a full kit will definitely help your chances of winning! From there, all you have to do is click a battleground and you’re good to go! If you get hurt - no worries, just eat some tasty chocolate and you can jump right back into the fray! Tired? Out of charges? Not a problem! Chug back a warrior elixir to have 20 charges restored, just like that! You’ll get some of these for free as well! Happy battling!

And once again, thanks for letting us ramble at you!


May Contests!

Posted by Staff on 4 May 2017, 2:16 pm


Hi all, just a quick reminder and a few links for you guys today! Below you will find the links for our various May contests so don't forget to head to the forums and take a look. We'd love to see your amazing entries and hand out a few fun prizes and trophies!

May Villager Profile Contest

May Paintie Contest

May Home Decor Contest

All prizes for April contests will be handed out soon.

I hope you all have fun with these contests!


May FD Pets and Tournament Incoming!

Posted by NPC-Lucien on 1 May 2017, 5:37 pm


The May FD Pets are here! Let's take a look and see what critters have scampered in for the month of May...


The Elemental Cat theme continues with the Thundercats!


Fans of aquatic creatures, rejoice! The Gulper Eel is here!


Still want to boop as many snoots as possible? Come boop a friendly Hognose!


Having trouble with pests? A Mantis might be for you.


Say tweet tweet and show some love for the Finches.

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cooldowns and are available for breeding until June 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthies will be released.


Who's been paying attention to all the cool new items filtering into the Museum? Olde Foxbury's event is coming soon and with it comes the major overhaul to the battle system. The battle system will be released a couple days before the event to give you a chance to prepare for the tournament! En garde! Who's ready?
You can find more information about the Warrior Battle System Update HERE!

Olde Foxbury's [b]Jousting Tournament
is coming May 15th! Gather your weapons and armor - you're going to love this new system!


Battle System: Incoming Updates

Posted by Staff on 23 Apr 2017, 9:28 pm


Hello once again! Glad to be here today to bring all of you some very exciting news. It’s a long post but it’s worth a read so please bear with us on this one!

We’re hard at work with the warrior update, and while we won’t get into specifics just yet, we’d like to take this opportunity to keep everyone up to date on what to expect as we update to the new system.

Durability Information

First and foremost, durability on items is being dropped entirely for now; this doesn’t mean it won’t be back in the future with further revisions and improvements, but for the time being, it doesn’t mesh well with the new combat systems so we’re disabling it. Players will have significantly more items than previously, and be able to battle more frequently - having to constantly break up combat with repairs would be more of an encumbrance at this stage until the battle system is firmly in place and people have time to figure things out.

Naturally, we’ve thought about how to reward players who’ve spent time trying to reach insane amounts of durability on their existing weapons, and we’ve worked out a method of compensation per the following:

Items with 3x maximum durability will have one socket slot.
Items with 10x durability will have 2 sockets, if possible for that item.
Items with 50x durability will have 130% weapon grade (potency).
Items with 1000x durability will award their owners with a trophy.

The exception is Discourse items, which will always have a minimum potency of 130% as well as a single socket, with slightly higher potency based on the item’s durability.

Potency, Career Inclusions & Sockets

Now you might be wondering what potency itself represents - it’s simply a measure of how effective an item is. 100% potency indicates a standard weapon, while anything higher than that enhances the item’s power (lower numbers reduce its power). Generally speaking, any items that can no longer be obtained and are updated through this system will be the best those items can possibly be; in the case of Discourse items, the power gap between versions will be roughly 5%, so nothing tremendously significant in terms of overall power, but still definitively better than lower durability versions.

Additionally, it’s worth explaining how Blacksmiths (and Tailors, as well as Crafters, which will make items useful for warriors) will work following the update - items will be generated with a potency between 50% and 150%. You can always create items in the upper tiers, but having a higher skilled blacksmith will reduce the chances of creating lower tiered items.

Items over 140% potency will be exceptionally rare. Also, balance testing will be done with items at 100% potency; while items over this value will certainly be helpful, they won’t be strictly necessary to beat all the monsters if you equip your warriors appropriately.

Sockets are similar - occasionally, items will be found or created with socket slots for crystals which enhance those items. An item with high potency and socket slots will be particularly valuable.

And as you can see above, we haven’t forgotten about other careers, as well. Tailors and Crafters can look forward to seeing some new recipes, and Alchemists might find themselves undertaking some new work to assist Warriors.

Item Conversion & Salvage

You will not be required to convert your weapons to the new system. While you won’t be able to use them for combat if you choose not to convert them to the new system, you can keep them as trophies and trade them between players; they can be converted at any time following the update.

-Items with 3x maximum durability will have one socket slot.
-Items with 10x durability will have 2 sockets, if possible for that item.
-Items with 50x durability will have 130% weapon grade (potency).
-Items with 1000x durability will award their owners with a trophy.

Higher tiers receive what is listed and below, for example, turning in an item with 1000x durability will reward a trophy along with 130% grade weapon with 2 sockets.

As an aside, items that don’t meet your expectations, or aren’t upgrades, will be able to be scrapped with the new system. Scrapping items will give you raw materials used to craft crystals to improve your gear.

General Information

The warrior update isn’t just intended to create a more interesting battle system, but to also offer new means of progression and enhance the economy. The intention is to make existing items, like the various coins, be available in the same capacity as they currently are - but players who choose to invest heavily in their warriors and take on tougher foes may find better yields. Higher level monsters can be stronger, but not always; effectively, it’ll be risk vs. reward, with player progression essentially pushing the odds in your favor over time.

When the change is ready to roll out, Warriors will be able to store more charges, which will mean lots more available battle time. A pretty simple change, but one I think everyone should appreciate; notably, more dangerous battlegrounds may use more charges to attempt. The system will also feature various special battlegrounds - some which may only be available at certain times.

Additionally, we expect to see new abilities for warriors become available pretty regularly, so keep an eye out for them as well to keep a competitive edge!

Explore Items & Events

Soon Explorers will have a good chunk of new resources available to them; these will be exclusive to the new event system. Please note that we expect at this stage for events to begin to be cycled as to not flood the economy with specific items. We’re looking at you, Moonlit Wuff...So you can expect to see events come and go over time from this point forward.

Unfortunately, all this means that we’ll need to bring the current pool of events offline for a few days while we get everything added. The current batch of events will be offline in approximately 48 hours from this post. We cannot provide a specific time-frame for them to return, but when they do, expect to see some new interesting things!

Please note that we are currently in the process of balance testing and adding new items so there is currently no solid ETA for the update as of yet and details could change during this process. But we are really looking forward to debuting this wonderful new system!

Any questions you have regarding what is posted in this News post and what is coming for this update should be posted in the designated thread and directed at Mod-Wisteria.

Combat Update Questions

Thanks for your time!


New Species Contest!

Posted by Staff on 10 Apr 2017, 10:42 pm


We're looking to add a new Rare Species to the site through the Recycle Shop so this is your chance to show us your ideas! Come on by the contest threads and check things out if you're feeling creative!

Create a Species Contest

Question and Discussion Thread

Have fun guys!



Posted by Staff on 6 Apr 2017, 8:54 pm


As some of you may have already noticed, you now have the option to recycle your items through the Discard feature in Inventory and Quick Stock! The shop and it's items are still under construction right now but you can work on collecting Fur Gems while we work on getting the shop stock ready for release.

You can find the Recycling Shop link below (and in your Town Hall menu). Another announcement will be made in the future when we are ready to start adding things for you to buy, but for now you can check in to see your Fur Gem amount.

Recycling Shop

Have fun guys!


Contest Winners & New/Upcoming Features

Posted by Staff on 4 Apr 2017, 6:24 am


Hello again everyone! We’ve got a lot to get through this news post so I am just going to get right to it.

Frostbite Paintie Contest

A big thank you to all of you that participated in the contest, there were so many lovely entries, Frostbite was just beside himself to see all of your amazing artwork! Below are the winning entries, congratulations to all of the winners!

Anchorman Frostbite by Lycoris #83010


Breaking News! Frostbite by Doomy #10705


Field Reporter Frostbite by Tickfleato #14796


Sports Action News Frostbite by Jackalloops #73994


Forecast Frostbite by Shuppet #21753


*Painties will be uploaded and prizes sent out very soon! If you are one of the above winners please PM Admin-Mat with your FD Pet Box choices.*

New & Upcoming Features

And now we have a few little developments we’d like to chat with all of you about! We’re very excited for all that is coming to Furvilla in the next couple months or so and just wanted to share a bit of that with all of our wonderful users (that’s you guys by the way).

Monthly Paintie Contests

For those of you that like to dabble in the creative we will now be running monthly themed Paintie contests! Head on over to the threads below to check out the info for the April contest.

April Paintie Contest

April Paintie Contest Discussion

Explore Class Update

In hopes to break up the monotony of all that clicking, we’re bringing you even more clicking! But hopefully it will be a bit more exciting now...Explore will be featuring random pop up events so keep a look out and be careful not to skip over anything fun!

And in the near future we will also be hosting a thread where all of you can offer up your own user created events for consideration. Be on the lookout for that if you are interested in trying your hand at event creation.

Upcoming Warrior Class Update

We are currently working hard and hammering away behind the scenes to iron out all of the fun and amazing things that are going to come along with this update! It’s going to be a big one with a whole lot of changes but in the end I think everyone will be very happy with what we’re bringing to the table! Here are a few little tidbits for you guys to snack on in the meantime.

-Durability will be a thing of the past! (for those of you that worked to get high durability weapons, don’t worry, the new system will reward this)
-Blacksmiths are about to be a whole lot busier soon so we hope you’ve been training yours up!
-Crafters and Tailors should also be prepared to learn a few new tricks as well.
-Warriors are going to be training extra hard, something big is coming, and they need to be prepared to adapt to these changes (maybe they'll even find some new toys to play with too...)

Upcoming New Feature: Recycling and Fur Gem Shop

A lot of you have been asking for a nice item sink and we have heard you! We are currently in the process of putting together a Recycling system that will pair with a shop full of fun little goodies for you to spend those hard earned Fur Gems on. More details will become available as we get closer to releasing this feature but we hope you’re as excited as we are about it.

Upcoming Quest System Revamp

One more project we will be diving headfirst into is revamping the Quest system, we’d love to see this feature thrive and be more enjoyable for our users. So we’ll be working hard toward that goal and we look forward to bringing you all something exciting in the future!

And lastly, all Fur Dollar refunds for Inventory/Storage have been given out. If you did not get a refund and you think you were owed one, or if you think you were refunded an incorrect amount, please file a report at the bottom of the page so that we can take a look at the logs.

Thanks for letting me ramble at you all again!