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FGNN: Serpent Update

Posted by Staff on 15 Feb 2017, 9:57 pm


Oh...is this one of my feathers? Oh wait! This is one of the Serpent's feathers?! Oh goodness! The Serpent is losing feathers at a much increased rate! How wonderful for all of you feather collectors! Just remember that in order to get that golden trophy, you're going to need 50 of them. And mind that they are the Serpent's feathers and not mine...poor vain molting bird that I am. Stress you know...trying to keep up with all the events in this event have this poor anchorman losing feathers as well! But I'm sure we'll all enjoy the rest of this event and everything will go smoothly soon, in time for the big Gala!

*Feathers now have a 25% drop rate when you turn in pets to the Serpent.*


Also, all of my fine feathered, furred, or scaled friends, this change comes with another additional stage. The items that you are so eagerly awaiting, they will not be priced until the 21st, and that pricing is going to be determined by the feather ratio. So the more you pluck those feathers from the floor, the more those items are going to cost. Keep that in mind as you continue your feather hunting! I know we're all looking forward to seeing all of you dress your best for the Gala!


The Serpent Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 14 Feb 2017, 12:10 pm


Ana says:

Greetings, villagers of the mainland. The time has come, and the serpent has landed on the mainland and is ready for your offerings. This ancient beast is one of the last remaining from the old times, before written history, before the villages came together in a global economy and named themselves, collectively, Furvilla. This serpent is where the villagers of Quetzal Palace have made our town, and its constant movement allows us travel across the entire Furvillian continent. Except for these coming two weeks, at least...


The serpent is peculiar, you see. It enjoys collecting small animals and weaponry/armor (though we are widely uncertain what it does with these items). If you bring it an offering of these items, it will reward you in turn. Our Cloudog species was created by the serpent, and it appears that it has created more life from the clouds:






As you may note, these creatures have a breeding cool-down of one day. This means that you may attempt to breed them, if you are skilled in animal husbandry, or you can continue to offer the serpent creatures in exchange for its creations. You may find that the serpent is more rewarding, if you are seeking out a rarer animal. When the serpent leaves on March 1st, these creatures will become infertile, and will not be able to breed.

But fear not, as the Guardian Angels will be working to collect rare and super rare creatures to offer at the Gala Ball. Nonetheless, if you happen to include 5,000 FC with your animal offering, the serpent may regard which species you prefer.


The serpent is giving away weapons and armor (and a helm) that are far stronger than most we have created... and much more sturdy. Perhaps one day the serpent will share its techniques for durable construction with our blacksmiths... hm...


This is the Serpent's Feather, and you can obtain it by trading in weapons or armor to the serpent. This is the currency of the Gala Ball. If you wish to purchase anything from the Gala, then you should collect these. Hm... I do believe you may want to make sure you collect fifty of these beautiful feathers before the Gala opens... but that is your choice, of course.


That strange fellow who creates all the plushes has been hard at work designing ones for our illustrious festival... now, you may not find you are able to get your paws on these until the Gala opens. However, you can gaze upon them right now and begin your plans for collection.


Speaking of the Gala, you are aware it opens on February 21st at 12:00 PM, yes? I expect you will be getting yourself ready for that... place yourself in a nice suit or dress, and you will look your best. Perhaps you can earn yourself a VIP ticket to the Gala? Do be sure to bring plenty of feathers, as there will be many fashionable objects available at the Gala for your perusal and purchase: plushes, furniture, vistas, rare and super rare creatures... perhaps other things, as we hosts see fit.


It appears that the Skunk and Dutch Angel Dragon species have found their wings in the Fairy Costume... or an extra pair of wings, depending on who you're talking to.


The Snake and Dutch Angel Dragon species have learned to smile down upon us from the stars, and can now wear the Galaxy Costume.


The Dutch Angel Dragon and Bear species have joined our ranks in the army, and can now wear the Angelic Costume.


Now, if you will excuse me... I am a bit preoccupied with a promise I made earlier... *she searches for a note that she had written, but frustratedly cannot find it* ...oh dear. Well, this may not end well...

Information Recap
- Trade 5 Animals in for 1 Festival Animal (better RNG than breeding)
- Pay 5,000 FC to choose Festival Animal Species
- Festival Animals set to 1 Day Breeding Charge until 3/1/2017
- Festival Animals become unbreedable on 3/1/2017
- Trade 5 Weapons/Armor in for 1 Festival Item (weapons, armor, and feathers)
- Suggested to collect 50 Feathers before Gala Opening
- Gala Ball begins Feb 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM
- Dress well!
- Help Ana! Something's gotten her worried...


Festival Incoming!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 14 Feb 2017, 1:17 am


The yearly Serpent Festival and Gala Ball of Quetzal Palace are incoming! Like all events, this event will kick off at 12:00 PM Furvilla Time on the 14th, and will last two weeks. During the first week of the celebration, the serpent will touch down on Furvilla's mainland to meet and greet other villages. There, you can exchange unwanted mini-pets for exclusive festival mini-pets, and weapons/armor for exclusive festival weapons/armor, as well as Serpent Feathers (the currency of the Gala Ball).

This festival will feature a shop where you can exchange your Serpent Feathers for festival items--villager plushes, furniture, and super-rare and rare festival pets if you would rather outright buy them with Feathers than rely on the RNG. The shop is part of the Gala Ball, which begins on the 21st. This gives players a week to hoard their feathers, then another week before the end of the event to collect as many as they want to get all the festival items!

Don't forget the mystery begins at noon as well! Good luck trying to solve it - and be sure to work together!

More information will be released when Ana stops by tomorrow! Have a good evening!


Contests and NPC Fun

Posted by Staff on 11 Feb 2017, 9:46 pm


Hi everyone, been awhile since I’ve gotten to pop in and say hello but I am happy to be here again and bringing you some fun news!

January Contest Winners

First off I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in the January contests, there were a lot of amazing entries! Below you will find a link to see the winning entries from the Writing Contest, Art Contest, and House Decorating contest, be sure to check them out and offer the winning users a big congratulations!

Winning Contest Entries

Writing Contest Winners

First Place: Bandycam #59954
Emeraldheart #76349
Angeleina #29111
IkeWolfe #77815
Frogluv123 #40461

Art Contest Winners

First Place: tailgatescutebooty #3120
Leaf #67654
MyraMidnight #72946
ToonLink #11034
Rotsuoy #75808

House Decoration Contest Winners

Admiral #20455
Jambomaya #11339
Quincia #68123
Vekyll #76396
MariahKat #18611

*If you created one of the winning entries please contact Admin-Mat through PM on site to collect your prizes*

NPC=Frostbite Paintie Design Contest

For the first time ever we are giving you all the chance to help out one of our cherished NPCs! Anchorman Frostbite is without a Paintie and we would love to see what all of you wonderful Furvilla users can come up with. Please check out the thread below and think about helping out our local feathery friend reporter!

Dress Up Frostbite!

Furvilla Mayor Interviews

As some of you may already know, we are working to integrate a new feature to the site, interactive NPCs! In an effort to make the best of this we are going to be taking some time to get these characters prepped for their true debuts.

To kick this all off, Anchorman Frostbite is preparing for a very big news assignment and he would love to get some input from our amazing user base. Individual interviews with the village Mayors will be starting soon and Frostbite wants to know what you all want to know!

Interview Help

Thank you all so much for your time, I hope I didn’t ramble on too much! Have a great day!



February Monthly MiniPets

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Feb 2017, 2:30 am


February has come, and with it, the introduction of a new round of mini-pets for the FurDollar Emporium. These new monthly mini-pets follow a new system with the goal of retaining their value!


We have heard the concerns of customers who purchased FD mini-pets in the past and their disappointment that breeding has resulted in their purchase losing its value increasingly over time. We want our customers to feel confident that their purchase will retain its value, even potentially increasing in value. Therefore, we have decided that starting with the February mini-pets, FurDollar Emporium mini-pets will be unbreedable species, ensuring that the investment a customer makes will not decline in value due to breeding. Any past mini-pets released through the Emporium will remain as they were, as this change affects only new and future Emporium mini-pets.


Players can now obtain rarer colors for an Emporium mini-pet species by opening a box, found for each new mini-pet species in the Emporium. The boxes for each respective mini-pet have a 40% chance of opening into a common, 30% chance of opening into an uncommon, 20% chance of opening into a rare, or a 10% chance of opening into a super rare. Boxes are also priced at 250 FurDollars, a reduction from past prices.


The Aquaticat species is the first of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Rapti species is the second of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Moth species is the third of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Chipmunk species is the fourth of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.


The Caterpillar species is the fifth and final of the new Emporium mini-pets, shown from common through super rare.

These new boxes will not entirely disappear at the end of the month. We plan on putting all Emporium mini-pet boxes inside of a larger box called the Retired Box, which will dispense one random box from a past month. The Retired Box will be available at a higher price, but gives players the chance to obtain mini-pet boxes from past months if desired.


Save up your weapons, armor, and unwanted mini-pets, because the Serpent Festival is coming to town on February 14th. The Serpent Festival is Quetzal Palace's yearly special event. During this event, the serpent that carries the Quetzal Palace village on its back will land on the mainland of Furvilla. During this period of time, villagers from all over are welcome to make offerings to the serpent in hopes of being rewarded with something cool.


The upcoming festival will involve some new mini-pet species from the serpent, a special shop to purchase festival related items, new villager colors, new villager costumes, and last but not least... a mystery! Will you be one of the first one hundred people to solve the mystery and earn a trophy from the festival?


But that's not all! We have two weeks before the festival starts, and some other cool activities are coming down the pipeline. Sources say that Crafters will be getting a new type of item to craft, one that should keep all of you crafters busy! What could it be? Hm... we'll find out soon! ;)


FGNN: Dog Invasion Continues! Item Codes!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 11 Jan 2017, 11:19 pm


*static crackle*

It's the Furvilla Global News Network (FGNN), coming straight to your town from its headquarters in Tigereye Peak! This is Anchorman Frostbite bringing you all the finest news from around the Furvilla globe. Today, we've been getting reports from Dragonsmaw Manor that the dog invasion continues!


So many dogs! So much bork!


Rasui is not to be left behind, and has been reported as handing out plushes of all the new dogs. The dedication he shows to his craft should inspire all! Or maybe he just really likes puppers...

In other news, a great many of you villagers from all around the globe have been writing in for item codes! It seems that your requests have not gone unheard! FGNN is happy to report that item codes have been reported as going out with packages from the Furvilla Store!


Our information shows these plush come from item codes sent out with the equivalent item in the store.


But that's not all! It appears that brand new village home Wall Art has appeared! Why hang that print on one wall when you can hang it on two? A Wall Art item has been reported as coming with every print obtained from the store. We've also heard that some of you out there listening were responsible for this neat idea!

That's all for this newscast, and always remember, stay fluffy, Furvilla!

*static crackle*


The Furvilla Store

Posted by Admin-Mat on 7 Jan 2017, 5:16 pm


With this news post, we are pleased to announce we will be bringing our convention booth to the online world. As we are cutting back on the number of conventions we plan on vending at in 2017, we thought it was only fair to offer these goods online to Furvilla Fans who want to obtain them! So without further ado, we have established... The Furvilla Store!

The Furvilla Store features the majority of the prints we offered at conventions:


And the custom ID cards that we offered at select conventions earlier in the 2016 year:


But not only that, it also includes our custom run of Furvilla plush toys:


We've heard your suggestions for additional plush toys. We're very interested in releasing a Gembound and Snuffle plush, however, we definitely need our existing Furvilla plush stock to sell out first. Every plush you buy will bring us closer to being able to order new plush toys and bringing them to all of you. If you have any other suggestions for species plush you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment!

To celebrate the release of The Furvilla Store, we have some discount coupons to share with you that you can enter when checking out:

TAKETWENTYFIVEOFF - $25 off orders equal or above $100
TAKETENOFF - $10 off orders equal or above $50

We offer shipping to both the United States and international locations. However, we also offer free convention pickup for patrons that attend the same conventions we do, which you can view here and on the checkout page: Convention Appearances.

1586-forum-vista-mythic-horse.png 1587-forum-vista-mythic-canine.png 1588-forum-vista-reaper-dragon.png 1589-forum-vista-steampunk-dragon.png 1590-forum-vista-steampunk-canine.png 1591-forum-vista-mythic-cat.png

The newest stock of Forum Vistas have appeared in the FurDollar Emporium as well!

Have a fantastic day!


Paintie Packs & Birthday Celebration!

Posted by Staff on 3 Jan 2017, 12:14 am


Hey there everyone, hope you're all having a great start to the new year! And with that being said, we have a couple new updates to bring you.

Paintie Packs

If you haven't noticed yet, we have new items stocking in the FurDollar Emporium, Paintie Tickets are now permanent stock and they have been joined by a few friends, you can save a bit of money per ticket by buying in bulk or they also make great gifts for friends!


Paintie Ticket: 250 FD
Paintie 3 Pack: 675 FD
Paintie 5 Pack: 1000 FD
Paintie 10 Pack: 1750 FD

Happy Birthdays

I am also happy to announce that we here at Furvilla are excited to have the chance to make your special day a little bit brighter! On your birthday you will receive an alert on your account to let you know that it's time to claim your gift, a little token to say thank you for letting us celebrate with you (we also accept thank yous in the form of cake). When you go to claim your gift you will get a Paintie Ticket and Non Magical Gembound Plush to match your birthstone, we hope you all enjoy this new little feature!

If you have a JANUARY birthday that already passed BEFORE this News was posted please PM Admin-Mateusz to receive your gifts.

Thanks for letting me ramble at all of you once again ♥


January MiniPets and Contest Winners!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Jan 2017, 7:09 pm


Countess says:

The fireworks have spoken, and it appears a new year is upon us. Let's welcome January in by taking a peek at the new monthly minipets:


These little critters will be around until February 1st, at which time they will be removed from stock and a new batch will slide in.


All vistas that are currently in the FD Emporium will be retiring on January 7th. A new batch of vistas will be replacing them.

January Art Contest
January Writing Contest
January House Decoration Challenge

Be sure to check out the new January contests as well! All January contests end at 12:00 PM on January 31st.


Polaria says:

Oh, what a wonderful Snow Festival we had! I'm so thrilled to see so many of you participated in our contests. Everyone's efforts were simply wonderful, but a couple of you stood out like shining stars!

House Decoration Contest Winners

by snowysaur

by Quagthistle

by ryttu3k

by Lilufr

by Nagakun

by Kijame

by @deo

by Hawkfeather

by Mononoke

by Jennifer

Paintie Contest Winners

There were many winners, but among our favorites were:

by Jey

by @Egglantine

by ShuuTheShoe

by UKthewhitewolf

by Ammoth

by @houseteeth

by Metamorro

by snowysaur

by mieulinhtu

Have a wonderful evening and a happy new year!


FGNN: Village Update Roundup

Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Dec 2016, 5:09 pm


*static crackle*

It's the Furvilla Global News Network (FGNN), coming straight to your town from its headquarters in Tigereye Peak! This is Anchorman Frostbite bringing you all the finest news from around the Furvilla globe. Today our reporters are live in multiple villages. Town Hall has been busy in Dragonsmaw Manor, Tigereye Peak, and Quetzal Palace today!


Dragonsmaw Manor saw the migration of five dog species and have reported that multiple dog species are still in the process of immigration. If you have a DMM friend, why not ask them to brew you a Canine Morphing Potion so you can be a dog also? Who doesn't want to be a dog, right?



Dragonsmaw Manor's mayor Dr. Chester has also reported that the plush collector Rasui seems to be giving out some new toys now. How's that for being on the ball? *barks*


Quetzal Palace has reported a new species of minipet has come to live in their clouds - the Flishy. Great for betta fans!


Our very own home of Tigereye Peak has a brand new species on the block too, the Pika!

That's all for this newscast, and always remember, stay fluffy, Furvilla!

*static crackle*