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Costume Changes & Paintie Rule Revamp

Posted by Staff on 21 Nov 2016, 12:41 am


Hey there my busy little beta bees! I've come around again with a couple little news announcements for you so please bear with me.

Costume Changes

First up we have some exciting news about Costumes, they will no longer be restricted to the original 6 species! Costumes can now be applied to any of the common species on site so everyone can enjoy the Career Buffs that come along with applying a costume to your Villager. While most species do not have images available now, they may at some point in the future. So if an image becomes available for the species/costume combo on your Villager you will be allowed to convert to that image if you like. You will just need to contact [email protected] with the request.

Paintie Rule Revamp

Second bit of news is that we have made a few tweaks to the Paintie rules to prepare for the site to open and to reflect the change I was just talking about above. Please be sure to do a thorough read through and get familiar with the changes we've made! I know that it's a lot to look through but we appreciate you all taking the time to work with us on this so we can help you keep creating and collecting all those amazing Painties.


-Costumed Villagers can now use any (non-limited) base that is available for the species.
-Costume base pieces may be used on any species as long as the Villager has that costume applied.
-Human traits on Painties are now judged with a numeric threshold.
-Prohibited content has been edited to reflect language standards currently being used for the forums and a Profanity tag has been added for those that wish to block these types of Painties.
-The use of downloaded brushes is allowed but proof must be provided that they can be used for commercial purposes.

**the full wording for these rules can be found on the Paintie Rules page**

Thank you for reading and we hope that you all will be happy with the changes we've made!


Who wants to be a STAR?!

Posted by Staff on 16 Nov 2016, 2:06 am


Thanks to the hard work of MOD-Saryumane, MOD-Carissimi, and the rest of the team (plus our wonderful busy little beta bees), I am here to announce the much needed addition of *drum roll please* Fur Idol Rules!

We are hoping that this new set of rules will keep the competition fierce but fair for all involved. So everyone keep up the hard work, get creative, and get those entries in!

New rules will go into effect December 1st

Fur Idol:

Draw or create a piece of art of your villager doing something cool, vote for the villagers you think are performing the most interesting talents, and behold the winners!


1) Artists may only enter art that they themselves have drawn or created 'from scratch'. This covers traditional, digital, and physical 3d forms of art. This may include shifties that they have created 'from scratch' that include no Furvilla base parts.

2) Artists may not enter: art created on a Furvilla base, art that has been traced or edited from another artist's piece, art that is traced from popular media (ie. meme images), photomanipulations. This also includes any art that is created on a "Pay-to-use" or "Free-to-use" base.

3) Entrants may not pay for votes. You may not bribe others for votes (ie...offering any free items for votes, offering any type of compensation for votes).

4) Entrants are limited to a total of (5) entries per contest, and may not re-enter pieces in back-to-back contests.

5) Advertising threads are allowed but are subject to all forum rules. Advertising threads may ONLY be posted by the artist entering the piece and may not be posted by anyone else. In addition, if the artist is entering multiple pieces, they are limited to making ONE thread that includes links to all their entries.

6) Signature images advertising your Fur Idol image are allowed.

7) Efforts to 'cheat' the system will not be allowed. This includes switching villagers species to put a villager in an underrepresented category in which the art will no longer match the villager, entering the same piece of art for multiple entries, and posting winning pieces more than once.

8) Entries are not required to be of the theme, but are encouraged to be.

9) ???

10) Profit.

Obviously rules 9 and 10 were just put here for a little laugh but please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the rules as you get ready to enter the next cycle of Fur Idol.

And make sure to look at the previous news post for lots of important information and large piles of fluff!


Snuffles Added!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 15 Nov 2016, 11:55 pm


Snuffles have been added! Tigereye Peak now has its own rare species to enjoy. They come in three colors: Winter, Summer, and Aurora. See if you can spot all the differences between a Snuffle's summer coat and winter coat!

As the Snuffle was added to replace the Shifty in Tigereye Peak, the Shifty will be removed from TEP and altered shortly. If you would like to purchase Shifty Recipes or produce Shifty Potions, please note you have twenty-four hours to do so before the changes are enacted. After the changes, Shifties will require recipe items from all the villages, and the recipe will be in the Quest Shop.

In addition, you may have noticed that the production prices for the Snuffle are different: 5,000 FC to purchase the recipe, and 25,000 FC to brew the potion. We will be raising the prices of the other rare species to fit this after twenty four hours so please grab/brew anything you'd like to before the deadline. These price changes will help preserve the values of these species as the game moves into full release.

In addition, we told you about our plans for Morphing Potions a couple news posts back. If you would like to make any villagers without using a morphing potion (through the creation tool) please do so. We will be switching the Morphing Potions over to the new method in twenty four hours (lots of stuff happening in a day!). After that is enacted, the release of Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, and Syrian Hamsters (on the rodent base) will follow.

Have a good evening!


Moderator Applications OPEN

Posted by NPC-Lucien on 14 Nov 2016, 1:00 am


Hey, Furvilla! Admin-Deinmaar here!

The time has come, my beautiful Community! Moderator Applications are open yet again, to prepare for the official launch of Furvilla on December 1st! Please keep in mind that experience is greatly helpful, and you MUST be 18 years old or older in order to apply. I will be looking to hire at least 40 new moderators, and yes, I do plan to respond to all applications, even if you are not chosen so you guys don't sit in limbo wondering if your application was eaten by goats. If you are interested in helping this wonderful community grow and join me and my hard working team of MODs, I just need to you send an email to [email protected] with the following "Application":

1. Full Name:
2. Username:
3. Timezone/Location:
4. Are you 18 years of age or older?
5. Why do you want to Moderate for Furvilla?
6. Do you work well on a team?
7. What is your approx. availability?
8. Do you feel comfortable contributing to group discussions about new policies, rules, etc.?
9. Do you feel that you would be friendly and approachable as a MOD to help users with questions?
10. Do you have any Moderation experience? If so, how long and for who?

Applications will only be accepted from 11/14-11/21.


Daylight Savings

Posted by Staff on 6 Nov 2016, 2:06 am


We just wanted to let you all know that we are aware of the glitches being caused by the time adjustment for Daylight Savings. All the Staff is doing their very best to get everything back to proper working order so please be patient with us. We are going to advise players to try and keep their activity to a minimum during this time just to be safe.


After a look through it appears that things are back to normal now but if you come across any new or unresolved issues please let us know.

Also, if you have a thread that ended up being put through the blender during the glitched time, it can be locked and removed at the OP's request, please just ping a Mod to your thread to get that taken care of.


Cooking Up Suggestions and Feedback

Posted by Staff on 4 Nov 2016, 4:43 pm


Hello all, just a couple quick things to discuss so I hope that you can bear with me here for just a few minutes. And I know that I am putting the funnest bit of news first but please be sure to read all the way through, it’s worth it, I promise.

Cooking Career?

We are in the early stages of development with a potential new Villager career path, cooking! But before we continue the long journey that is creating a brand new career, we’d like to hear what you think. While there seems to be quite a bit of interest coming through the Suggestion box, we are aware that that is still only representative of a few individual opinions. So I have created a thread for polite discussion with staff and other users where you can come and share your thoughts and even ask questions about this potential new job for your Villagers. I know all of us on Staff are looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Feedback Thread
**Don't forget to check the first post periodically for updates!**

Paintie Emails

We’ve seen concern raised about Paintie Emails ([email protected]) not being answered, sitting for a long time, ect. So we are going to see what we can do to fix the situation and make sure you all are getting everything you need from myself and the Paintie Staff but to do this we’re going to need your help.

To start off, please be sure to have a clear subject line for your Contact Us form or Email, it helps to more quickly sort out what is what. Below is a list of the most common types of Emails we receive and are examples of subject lines we’d love to see you all using.

-Paintie Rejection Inquiry
-Existing Paintie Fix
-Wiped Paintie Replacement or Refund
-Paintie Base/Sketch Check
-Other Paintie Issue

Email/Contact Us Form:

Username & Number:
Villager ID Number:
Rejection Notice Received or Reason for Wipe: (if applicable)

Requiring some of this information may seem redundant but we want to make sure no one accidentally falls through the cracks and that we have all needed information available to get you a response as quickly as possible.

*If you have sent in a form or email and not gotten a response after a week, please resend and PM myself Admin_Mateusz to check and make sure that your email has actually gotten to our inbox. Unfortunately we have had some glitching here and there with lost emails and lost responses.*

Suggestions & New Features

For anyone that might not be aware, we added the Idea Development section into the forums a little over a month ago. And we are glad to see so many people using this feature to discuss and gather their thoughts into full fledged little idea bundles that are ready to be sent along to our Suggestions email!

But I have seen that some of you are concerned about your emails not being read and only receiving an automatic response so I am here to address that for you. I know that for some, that auto response can be a bit discouraging but please know that all of your emails are being seen and read, by me personally. None of you are invisible and your suggestions are appreciated, I have a whole list of things set aside to discuss with my fellow Staff members all thanks to you busy little beta bees. I hope that you all enjoy the little tweaks that we’ve approved that will be coming your way soon.


Morphing Potion Changes

Posted by NPC-Lucien on 3 Nov 2016, 9:27 pm


In an effort to breathe new life in to the Alchemist Career, we’ve decided on making some small tweaks to the Species Morphing Potions and the Villager creation process in the near future. While we do not have an exact date for the roll out of this change yet, we are making this announcement so that you can be prepared for what is coming.

The upcoming changes will be as follows:

-Creating a new Villager will be limited to the first three colors released per species.

--The remaining colors and any future additions will be available via the Species Morphing Potions.
--The randomized nature of the Species Morphing Potions will be removed, allowing you to choose the color you'd like to apply to your Villager. As such, the feature allowing you to refine the Morphing Potion at the Alchemist will be removed as it is no longer necessary.

In the future we are also looking forward to the release of Limited Edition Colors for Villagers that will be obtainable via other means, such as upcoming events. These Limited Colors will not be available through the regular Species Morphing Potions. There will be more details to come on this portion of the update as they are made available.

Our hope is that these changes will add a valuable new facet to the Species Morphing Potions and the Alchemist Career!


Breeding Limits Discussion

Posted by Admin-Mat on 2 Nov 2016, 6:08 pm


It's no mystery from looking at the Giving Tree and the User Shops that many common and uncommon animals have lost their value due to overbreeding. In animal husbandry, players should still be able to sell their common animals and make money from their breeding. It appears that exponential growth of animals, overbreeding, and unlimited breeding charges have devastated the value of animals, and will continue to do so as more players join animal husbandry and continue breeding.

So, the question is, how do we curb overbreeding to reduce the amount of animals entering the economy? There are a couple of good suggestions that have popped up over the last weeks and months which can be boiled down into the following:

1) Using the breeding charges. Some may have already noticed that the contest prize animals have breeding charges. This feature is built into all animals, and limited breeding charges ensure that animals cycle out of the economy and do not continue to produce more animals indefinitely. Common animals should have low breeding charges (say, 2-5) so they cycle out fast, while rarer animals should have more (upwards of 100 for Super Rare animals) so they can be used for a long time, as they took a while to be earned.

2) Stable Limits. It's been suggested that stable limits would help with the economy as players would no longer be able to farm animals of every type, and instead would be encouraged to focus on their favorite animals. This encourages trading as players focusing on one type of animal would trade with another player focusing on another, as both players cannot focus on all animals. Disrupting the massive breeding farms ensures that there isn't a large amount of commons being born and devaluing animals as well. One common suggestion has been limiting each villager to 50 Stables.

3) Account-wide breeding limits. Another suggestion has been simply to limit the amount of breedings a single account can perform per day. One common number has been 50-100 breedings per day. Similar to stable limits, this helps disrupt large breeding farms and limits the amount of animals entering the economy, while also encouraging players to focus on their favorite animals.

Our opinion is that some combination of #1 #2 and #3 would help the value of animals immensely. What would you change to ensure that common/uncommon animals retain their value?

Another idea: revamp the Breeding Potion to be required to breed a pair of animals. This would give Alchemy a good new kick in value. The Breeding Potion could use some adjustments like making the ingredient list simpler, but it would add a dimension of complexity to breeding and connect Animal Husbandry to Alchemy.


Knowledge Base Contest Finished

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 Oct 2016, 8:56 pm


After encountering a number of hurdles, the Knowledge Base Contest has been finalized and we are thrilled to have a new batch of player-written entries in our new Knowledge Base. We thank all of the members who participated in the contest, and congratulate the winners! There are some grand prize winners (who received the Spiny Mouse) we would like to invite to contact us for their PayPal prizes.

Second, the moderation team had a meeting and have made some additional changes to the rules and infractions. Most important is that moderators have noticed a need for different infraction point levels for sexual content violations. We now have three levels of infractions to address different levels of violations so that players who make a sexual comment aren't immediately permanently banned for violating the rule, and instead the punishment better fits the infraction. We also split the "exploitation" infraction into two, the new one being a lesser infraction, per moderator suggestion.

We have also introduced some new rules, which you can review on the rule page:

- Don't post frightening or sickening content. Frightening content is defined as graphic real life photographs or photo-realistic artwork indistinguishable from a photograph depicting violence toward humans or animals. Please note this rule isn't intended to police Painties, and exists because of issues with players posting graphic photographs in the forums to disturb others.

- Players may not use the reports function to file false reports about others. Players may not file multiple reports on the same issue, or contact multiple moderators, to have another moderator review the report when a report has already been resolved. Escalation of a report may only be done by contacting Admin-Deinmaar. This rule was added because we have had instances of players reporting others multiple times to get them in trouble despite no rule-breaking behavior having occurred (a form of harassment, unfortunately).

We have also clarified a handful of rules:

- Don't sell, or attempt to sell, your account, items, villagers, or any other Furvilla content (this does not include Painties) for real money. We have clarified this includes attempting to sell account contents.

- Doxxing is defined as posting the personal information of others, including their real name, address, location, IP address, school, real life photographs, or anything that may compromise their privacy. This is not allowed. Previously, this rule stated that posting personal information of Furvilla members is not allowed, and this clarifies a person does not have to be a Furvilla member to be protected under this rule.

Last, here are a couple of general updates:

- The Paintie Team is currently interviewing a new potential Paintie moderator. We are looking forward to potentially adding this new person to the team and are working toward training them for the opening.

- We will be testing the Protection Quotient feature (that was turned off in early beta testing) soon. Please make sure your warriors are prepared for testing as we will be turning it on and adjusting factors as necessary.

- The majority of the features that have been released in the last couple of weeks (such as the Giving Tree and Quests) are not complete yet. While you are welcome to play around with them in the meantime, we will not be formally announcing them until the features are complete with all of their art and rewards. The Quest feature, for instance, will likely be getting its rewards in late November after the Plush feature has been complete.

- We have heard a lot of your criticism regarding the changes we have made the last couple of days. While we understand your concern, we feel that your goals and ours are unfortunately not aligning. Our goal is to ensure a healthy economy for the game and fixing supply issues that have cropped up in the course of beta testing. We are studying the economy of the game and ensuring that any problems in supply and demand are addressed prior to the game opening (and there have been many, as you may have observed from most materials having no value except to sell back). While we know that our decisions have not been popular among the beta testers, we feel they are important for the health and longevity of the game when it releases, and the ability of the players, upon the game's release, to be able to enjoy their game experience. Please remember your job as beta testers is to test features and help us simulate the game's economy post-release so we can identify supply and demand issues, and not to play the game as if it were already released.

When considering future changes we make, please do not consider how it affects you as a beta tester. Please think as if you were a new player in the released game economy, and whether these changes will allow you to make money off the items you collect and craft by ensuring they require time and effort to achieve. The purpose of restrictive changes in the game's design is to ensure that supply isn't wildly outstripping demand. Players will not be able to sell their items if every player is capable of making them in excess.

Thank you!


Moderation Changes

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Sep 2016, 11:24 pm


Our moderation tactics have been changed in response to player feedback. Many of you have come to us with concerns about bullying and attacks in the forums, and our new infraction system is our solution to that problem. From this point forward, moderators will be issuing infractions for behavior that violates our Site Rules, and an accumulation of infraction points will result in impartial site bans.

We need your help here more than ever in reporting behavior that is inconsistent with our rules. We want the game to be fun and relaxing to play, and if you witness any behavior that bullies or attacks another player on the forums, we encourage you to report it. In the past we had a very lenient system of flags and warnings, but our new system will ensure that rule-breaking behavior is swiftly and fairly punished.

Prior behavior has been expunged from every player's record (with the exception of existing bans). If you had a warning or a flag on your account, you are starting clean with a fresh record.

In addition, our rules have been updated with the following changes:

- We no longer forbid discussion of alcohol or drugs on Furvilla. However, players may not encourage or discuss the illegal or underage use of these substances in their discussions. They may also not solicit any drugs or alcohol on Furvilla. We have decided to relax this rule because Furvilla is not a children's website, it is a website that caters to a general furry audience without the sexual content common on furry websites.

- Players are now permitted to have off-topic discussions in the chatrooms.

- Clarifications have been made regarding off-site trade right now during beta, and after beta.

- We do not allow players to post threads stating they want to harm themselves or commit suicide.

- Players may not beg or severely lowball others.

- Players may not be vulgar, overly aggressive or abusive toward staff members in their communications.

In addition, we wanted to share some information about our future plans: we are in the process of implementing two major features, the plush collection feature and the indoor decoration feature. The majority of our focus will be toward these two features as they will both be major sinks for items and currency in the economy. In addition, one of our programmers is working on mini-games, per the suggestion of many players.

We would also like to announce that our official opening date is scheduled for December 1, 2016!

Have a nice day!