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User ID: #20533
Username: Catbat
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:04 am

Profile description

Please message me if you'd like to add me, I do not accept random friend requests!

If you have commissioned me and would like an update:
Please check my Trello: here.

If you'd like to discuss your commission and have pinged me here but I have not answered, please send me a message.
If I'm away from Furvilla, send me an email at: [email protected]. When emailing me, please include your Furvilla username/ID and commission information including type of commission, and subjects of the commission. I will get back to you as soon as possible, and this is the quickest way to reach me.

Heya, I'm Catbat. You can call me Cat or Bat, neither really bother me. I'm a beta tester, in case you missed the trophy and I'm willing to help or answer any questions you may have if given a reasonable amount of time because as of late, I'm pretty busy.

I'm not super into Furvilla, but I play enough in order to make the currency and 95% of what I make goes to art, like 4% is art for close friends and 1% is actual Furvilla items. That being said, I love receiving art and used to give art to others for free as an anon fairy.

I will be remaking my sales thread very soon if anyone is interested in commissioning me, specifically for FD and USD (more pressed for USD), you can find examples here (click "all").

I play Overwatch on PS4 and have Pokemon Sun which I'd be more than happy to share my PSN/friend code with you if you ask. I am also on Discord but please ask for that, I will most likely say yes.

I'm also a moderator for the Felidae guild.

Thank you to anyone that has given me anything, I appreciate it![/size]
click on the art for credit!

Senpai noticed me.


Wish List

404-brown-catbat.png 405-striped-catbat.png 406-skeleton-catbat.png 407-autumn-catbat.png
Please bring me my children.

My Close Family and Friends:

Ichimatsu , Softpurr , Hatty , Sadrain , Prince-Faolan , Jaquel , Imoku , MizYin

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Comments 273

    • *fwoofs in*

      hello friend

    • I do paintie commisions for now, but maybe in a few weeks I'll open up the art commissions portion of Clovenwillow, cause it'll be summer then and I'll have a lot more time to do art :3

      also I LOVE MY DANCING BEARS!!! I saw the video they go with and I knew i just had to have them up on my profile for that exact purpose XD

    • aww so nice ;v; ill be sure to let you know when i open<3

    • ahhhH thank you ;; honestly after i finish my little doodles i may open an actual shop;; hopefully the prices dont turn you off!!

    • Gah your villagers though! They are so precious??
      I adore Tea's colors and Borgia?? Oh my goodness.. <3

      As for the CSS - it will be so much better when I don't have to study!
      Then I can style all the user-details and maybe even a villager profile ; u ;

    • Oh don't worry about it. ;v; I can understand that! I was just worried I was rude because that's not what I meant at all. Their art is wonderful and worth every penny! All art is always worth it and sometimes worth even more. I only meant that I'm so broke 24/7 even when I make money. Hah. But maybe I worded it wrong so it was probably my fault! You're fine~ ♡

    • Thank you for the sale! I gave the kritty to Zero,Skullz and the axolotl to Teal; they look fantastic. I may also want the autumn catbat but I figured you'd want to keep it

    • aw really? you're selling Melanie? ;o; that's a shame, but these things happen. I hope you find a 'sona you connect with better soon. <3

    • aa same ... hopefully there will be more ups for you soon! ;w; my eldest kitty passed away recently but she had a good long life of 19 years so I can't be too upset about it. other than that, work is going well and I'm slowly expanding my collection of villagers on here. xD; I love Melanie's newest paintie btw!! what a lovely and unique art style ❤

    • aaa it's been awhile!! how have you been? <33

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