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User ID: #6032
Username: RubyZoisite
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm

Profile description

Formally known as SimplySuburban

Des | 25 | they/them | FV -2
Tumblr | Flight Rising | Toyhouse

I still play FV a bit.

I adore cats and have a deep emotional connection with them.
Let me talk about my cats all day!

Please keep interaction to a minimum/surface level stuff.
I feel uncomfortable getting too personal with minors.
Friend requests are fine.

All I desire on this site are more of these

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Comments 192

    • LMFAOOO "but its such a simple design!!1! It doesn't even /have/ to be chubby!1!!" Like is this real life lmaooo

    • hehe yeah, but seriously, I aspire to be as good as you.

      The fact that people actually like my art to some degree honestly amazes me, but like with you

      its just, no surprise. I often subconciously pick artists i look up to, and you're one of them!

    • Artists standing up for artists is life lmao

    • dear god I love your art style so much it hurts

      I've mostly gotten over feeling jealousy about other artists, but just the subtle touches to your art, the ones that are almost impossible to notice even if you look really hard, it just. Ties it together so nice and i love it sooo much.

      Sorry this is out of the blue, its just, I just saw your new active villager and I almost screamed

      teach me your ways (joking, joking)

    • Its 100% free! And its really nice because you can pick exactly what it records. So if you want it to only record your art program you can set it to that, and if you switch tabs at any time it wont show up in in the recordig. And you can add fancy overlays for if you're livestreaming. Its just real neat

    • A new adopt shop is coming? YES

    • Theres a program called OBS thats perfect for recording your screen!

    • sorry if this is a weird question but do you have a youtube channel by any chance :o i'd kill to see a speedpaint by you!

    • no problem! :3

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