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User ID: #6032
Username: RubyZoisite
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm

Profile description

Formally known as SimplySuburban

Des | 24 | they/them | FV -2
Tumblr | Flight Rising | Toyhouse

I still play FV a bit.

I adore cats and have a deep emotional connection with them.
Let me talk about my cats all day!

Please keep interaction to a minimum/surface level stuff.
I feel uncomfortable getting too personal with minors.
Friend requests are fine.

All I desire on this site are more of these

Villagers 60

Comments 192

    • Aaah awesome!! I'll send you the FD right now then, if thats alright? qvq

    • Any chance I could buy a dark wings vista, or are those no longer available? qvq

    • Yay, thank you! :)

    • Hey, it's Alex! Are you okay with me re-uploading Red's Paintie? :)

    • All of your original species are amazing! Are you planning on making another one now that both the Ashfurns and the Neolites are retired?

    • No problem at all! c'': and ooo that's a very snazzy OC, i like 'em a lot!

    • you've got such pretty painities oh my goodness! :''0 i just went on a bit of a liking spree, oop!
      i adore your icon by the way, reminds me of Maxie from Pokemon ORAS! ♡

    • I've had like 5 people ask to buy Aziza...I'm like no she has a girlfriend D:<

    • i actually haven't made a fanmaren yet :0 but i'd love to see the painties when you're done!

    • aaaa another NiGHTS fan!!!

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