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User ID: #6032
Username: RubyZoisite
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm

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Formally known as SimplySuburban

Des | 24 | they/them | FV -2
Tumblr | Flight Rising | Toyhouse

I still play FV a bit.

I adore cats and have a deep emotional connection with them.
Let me talk about my cats all day!

Please keep interaction to a minimum/surface level stuff.
I feel uncomfortable getting too personal with minors.
Friend requests are fine.

All I desire on this site are more of these

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    • on spore i made a really good dragon ship but when i saved afterwards, i accidentally hit enter while it was saving so it made a bad save. i forgot to save before making it so when i opened up the game i was on the part after placing your second colony, which sucked

    • yeah, every other empire will hate you
      the good news is that you seem to be a combat-oriented empire anyway so you could fight 'em off
      just dont let anyone but the grox get big

      you need to break the galactic code near the grox (destroy planets, use the scientist/zealot abilities), give them gifts of 100k sporebucks (10k or 50k wont do), defend their ships in battle, etc

    • i'm about halfway through the space stage with my birb lizards (casorpions)
      how far did you get

      also i made emus and maybe they should conquer the world

    • good! so you'll have a faint idea of what i'm hinting at
      make a creature on spore, get it to at least halfway creature stage
      then draw it and change a few parts
      then you got a basic concept for a species!
      idk, i just thought that one up.

      by the way, what was your first creature to reach the space stage? mine were a lot of birb lizards. they're hot pink because i never changed the starting colour i got, hot pink

    • have you got spore? the game about making a creature, from a cellular organism to a ruler of the galaxy

    • can i go suggest an idea

    • Heyyyy~ Congratulations on winning the species contest! <3

    • whats the next species after those ashburns and neolites

    • Admin-Wisteria said:
      Found out what information I could:

      The Flailadons won with 550 of the 2078 votes; the rest were very close, and we're possibly going to contact the other entries in the hopes that we can eventually release all the species entered into the contest.

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