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User ID: #1528
Username: Shadowfox
Last Online: 29 Sep 2020, 12:24 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:09 pm

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    • Hey! Quick question--where do we go to suggest which items should be banned in standard tourney pvp? I tried looking in the forums but all of the warrior related weapons balancing/banning were from 2017.

    • Yeah, Hopefully. I'm excited to see what the adventures will be like.

    • Came here from PixPet, Hello :3

    • Hi! I don't play quite as much anymore but I still log on daily. It was good battling with you!

    • thank you for letting me know!

    • I checked with the big warrior boss Admin-Wisteria . "Take out the Trash" works as intended. But I'm told Anoth will longer use this ability.

    • No prob! Keeney is so OP <3

    • w h a t
      I knew I was dead when i saw your health bar. If you would be okay with sharing, may I please hear your build? :)

    • !! That worked a lot better, thank you! I had assumed that if I couldn't handle the Serpent I shouldn't even look at the battleground, lol

    • Ah, okay. My warrior sucks. uwu

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