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Username: Spyromancy
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 11 Nov 2021, 3:09 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Haunted Zweihander | Dark Trinket | Sword of Kindness
Thanks Draos!

Burn the scorecards, balance out the scales.
We are one wind distracted by our different sails.
Underneath what's detectable with eyes,
Every particle's vibrating with the same life.

♐ / 24 / INFJ

Take solace in Love,
smile boldly at Hate,
know yourself,
and be kind.


Hi there! This is super under construction; it's nice to meet you all!

It's hard for me to keep up with all of this fairy action but
I just want you to know I DEEPLY appreciate it when I
receive things!! You're all so generous and kind!



Visit my art shop here!


Current main interests:
Boku No Hero Academia
Wander Over Yonder
The Moomins

[Cute Wander pixel by atheris' nephew Aidan! Here's his shop!]

Music suggestions:
- Radical Face
- Autoheart
- Low Roar
- Sigur Ros / Jonsi
- Sufjan Stevens (Carrie & Lowell album)
- Sleeping At Last (Atlas Year 1 album)
- The Paper Kites
- Nickel Creek

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    • thank u! if you can pay 8fd ill send you a copy 'v' (i have 92fd left from gambling >;'3 )

    • Haha, you're not wrong! It is really relaxing!

    • Well, the thing about BTD is that different artists work on different routes, There's 3 artists in the first game, and 2 in the second- 4 routes, split in half in terms of artists. It's an interesting story, definitely, making references to mythology and stuff.

      ahhhh, Steven Universe is one of my happy place shows. I recently started rewatching it, and it's hard because I was into that with the same old friend...it just NEVER ENDS haha. But I'm slowly taking the power back.

    • Oh! He's from a, uh....a visual novel. It's really really dark, bloody, horrorporn kinda stuff. I'm not so much into the whole "murder" thing, but he's my fave from the second one. It's called Boyfriend To Death. I warn you, there is some pretty gruesome stuff, if you look into it. The site itself has trigger warnings listed.

      Also I LOVE WANDER OVER YONDER! It's been a long time since I've watched it, and I'm not sure I can watch it anymore cuz I associate it with an old friend </3 but still, it's a really good show.

    • Oooh what's the plot of that anime? Sounds kinda cool :0

      ...i think I blocked the person you talked about
      they're really annoying on forums tbh

    • Oh whoa!! That's still pretty cool! And yeah, definitely, one of the greatest things about OFF is it's designs and just whole vibe of it in general! ;o; It'll forever stay a top favorite of mine as well ashskdgl I love it so much

    • Ah!!! A mask? That's amazing! Did you make it yourself? I remember trying to make lots of versions of Zacharie's mask when I first got into the game!

    • !!! Do you know about OFF as well!?? Asjdkglhf I'm so glad to see people see recognize the game ;o;

    • Thank you!
      ; w ;

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