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User ID: #64686
Username: Dreki
Gender: Male
Last Online: 20 Jan 2020, 10:01 am
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 3:58 pm

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Welcome! You get to watch me flop around the site uselessly trying to figure out how to thing.

posted in the FV discord by MOD-Thaleia on 11/09/18

please don't feel offended if I reject your friend request - I typically don't accept requests from people I don't know. thanks!

big thanks to Dubstep for fueling my acorn supply.

Important note: If I buy something from you please do not leave me a thank-you comment! If it's that important to you and you have to thank me, send me a message. Thanks!

He/They - 27 - EST
to do:
More Acorns!!!
Painties to Sell?
Villager slot for Hunter & Rory
Painties for Hunter & Rory
Paintie for Morgan
100 Acorns
Chibi Croc Sticker
Rainbow Sparkle Rhinacorn
I'll write more stuff here as it comes to me. There might be some art here at one point. Please note that I have profile CSS turned off!

profile code by alxq , minor edits with the help of MOD-Thaleia and msjanny .
You can find the source here!

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    • YESSS you're the first person to get the reference... thank you '3'

    • I saw the pudge *also wiggles arms*

    • LOL thank you for the seeds, but the construction work was free because I enjoy your Furvillagers/OCs. <3

    • I understand what you're saying completely and I actually didn't even think of that; the fact that there is less interaction about why people enjoy other's painties, now it's just liking them and generally moving on. I should change that! I realize now I don't comment on a lot of them that I like, and that's not good.

      I think that it really is disappointing that not only has hard work is not always appreciated. There seems to be a more valued style and kind of paintie, and I feel like many people play to that because that's how they'll get interest and maybe even potential buyers.
      And yeah! That was another problem I saw was that usually people don't care as much about the character as long as the art looks nice. That really gets me, and it stinks.

    • To not clog up that thread, I will say, I agree! Sometimes I do see quite a few painties with little likes that I think are absolutely stunning. Taking a quick glance at my liked painties, I remember seeing this one and smiling so much, especially because the little thumbnail is so silly. But I do agree, some less appreciated painties really do shine more imo than some very liked painties.

    • Thanks so much! Bo)

    • Haha yeah no wings just

    • Well he only has the one leg, so he wouldn't be able to push himself forward. But maybe if he was going downhill!

    • haha. his books are brilliant. i remember staying up all night reading them when i was younger.. lol

    • Haha, well, if you ever need help with anything, flop on over to me and I'll help if I can :3

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