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Villager: Krisek


Villager Info

ID: #63246

Name: Krisek

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 22 days ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Malis

Feast Points: 0 (65 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 28 Nov 2016, 4:31 pm

Likes: 90 ♥

Tags: bird feathered arakkoa wow world of warcraft blade dancer

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Krisek looks stunning!


Paint by WafflePaw

Down the Darker Path
"What are we without the sky?"

Name: Bladedancer Krisek
Nicknames: Birb-face, Krissy
Gender: Unknown (goes by male pronouns, looks female in his normal form)
Associations: Ix'kin (for now...)
Song: Every Breath You Take (IN A MINOR KEY) by Chase Holfelder
Elven form: [x]


Krisek is very suspicious and brooding. Because he has to stay in hiding, he trusts very few people. Preferring to 'talk' with his swords, Krisek is now more the 'attack first, ask questions later' mentality. It wasn't always like this and, while he has never been the most gregarious of people, he did used to be more of a guardian type. If you do manage to get beyond his many, many walls, he is a very loyal and protective friend.

Special possessions
An amulet that keeps him in his non-arakkoa form. It is a demonic amulet with fel energies that power it. He has enchanted it to purify the corruption so it glows blue instead of green, but his flight is only restored temporarily when he is able to charge it completely.
A small spiral earring that he received from his hatchmate, Ix'kin. It is the last and only artifact he still holds from his past.
Two bladed swords are usually found on his person, they are long curved blades that he commissioned to look similar to the ones he used to use as a Bladedancer.

Bladedancer Krisek was the hatchmate of Dawnseeker Ix’kin. Each pair of Arakkoa kept each other in check. However, much to the chagrin of Ix’kin, Krisek was very curious and often asked the wrong kinds of questions. While they were both smart enough not to be found out, Krisek always seemed to toe the line which Ix’kin disapproved of greatly. After ending up on the wrong side of the elders, he was tortured and Ix'kin forced to cut off his wings. Ix'kin refused which endangered them both. Making sure Ix'kin escaped safely, Krisek found himself captured by the elders once more and this time did not escape the blade. He lost is wings and then was tossed into the Pool of Seethe, becoming cursed. Presumed dead by Ix'kin and Arakkoa alike, for a time Krisek hid themselves in draenei society with an amulet for a disguise but was uncovered and thrown out in fear. He was found by Shadow-Lord Iskar and joined his cult, re-gaining his wings with the fel -blood. After Iskar's defeat Krisek went back into hiding, this time disguised as a bloodelf and ended up in regular Azeroth. He tried to find new ways to regain his wings once more and bound demonic essences in his body to became a demon hunter. This gave him back his wings, if only temporary, in his demonic form.

Comments 7

    • yaaaa Arakkoa are my fav race in WoW

    • One of my all time favorite paintie and charries. We Must duel sometime dear friend. I want to see your skills as a blade dancer.

    • He looks so awesome! I love his description as well!

    • This deserves much more attention! It's so pretty :O

    • Ffffft, gorgeous new birb

    • Thank you for the complement, Your feathers shine like my own. I would also like to tell you, I like the way your horns curve.
      As a purveyor and scholar of deep magiks, I am intrigued by your amulet. Would you be willing to trade secrets of the kind?

    • Amazing profile, amazing paintie. One of personal favorite.

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