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User ID: #178332
Username: Logan_the_Hellhound
Gender: n o p e
Last Online: 7 Aug 2020, 4:18 pm
Registered: 8 Apr 2020, 11:53 am

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Check me out if you want!
FA ~ FR ~ Ohu Dogs ~ TH ~ Best fren IRL <3

Current PFP: Mah boi Ken, go check out his paintie done by Scribbler ! (Me active villager)

I'm new to Dragon Cave! Help my eggs hatch maybe? :> (Please do help me tho, I've already had 2 eggs die... ;w;)


Ohu Doggo: (Yes, another clicker browser game, pls clicc. ;w;)



I'm a big collector, so minipets, buttons, stones, both magical and non-magical stickers, and magical and non-magical plushies are appreciated! <3

Me Forum Threads!:

Art of the Week!:

(Cuz idk what else to doooo...)


(By: LuigiandOinkers on FA or TH)

This is just a reminder cuz I forget things far too often. <.<

Artist: ShiraTheFox

(Given to for free by: WinterBliss <3)


Always supportive. <3

Stamp Collection:

(Tell me if you have more stamps to share! I just came across these and love them now!!!)


(Attempt at Chibi Pixel Logan, probably epic fail)


(Pixels Generated here on the Silver Fang Network)

(Profile CSS by Lu )

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    • XD saaamme-at this point, I just hoard the pets that I like in my storage lol. I dare all the time c=< hehe

    • yesss I love creepy stuff, which is kinda ironic bc my art style is cutsie and I used to be afraid of everything but yus tis gud

    • If you like I can give a link to her in pms :D

    • Ah yes tell me the story, also no but I did have an old sona that was like that

    • God same, fnaf actually made me start to draw like 3 to 4 years ago, can't wait until I'm able to get a pantie ticket to put my Fursona on here :D

    • Your welcome for that comment!

    • no, its ok, i went out an got some extra coins for you bc im srry abt being so aggressive, i have fluctuating mental health, though that is no excuse to respond with hostility. im truely sorry.

    • where shall we begin? Whom shall we spook first? Hehe- *taps fingers together menacingly*

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