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User ID: #178332
Username: Logan_the_Hellhound
Gender: ⛧w⛧
Last Online: 15 Jan 2021, 8:11 am
Registered: 8 Apr 2020, 11:53 am

Profile description

PROFILE IS UNDER RENOVATION! It's pretty hectic now, as you can probably see...

I'm starting to collect any type of magic and non-magic deer plushies! (As well as Gemraptor Morphing Potions) So any donations are welcome! :D



Check me out if you want!
Fur Affinity ~ Flight Rising ~ Ohu Dogs ~ Toyhou.se ~ YouTube Channel ~ Best fren IRL <3


Current PFP: Weldlen is my space bean child. uwu


Peeps that are/I consider friends:

You hurt any of them in any way, you might wanna run if I have a pencil or something of the similar on hand, cuz it's likely to go up ya ass or in ya eye if you do~

And I'm always up to having more! I also accept all friend requests, I only unfriend you if you don't talk to or interact with me for extensive periods of time.
You can DM me anytime to chat! I love having someone to talk to. (。´・ω・`。)


I'm newer to Dragon Cave! Help my eggs hatch maybe? :> (Please do help me tho, I've already had 2 eggs die... ;w;)





I'm a big collector, so minipets, buttons, stones, both magical and non-magical stickers, and magical and non-magical plushies are appreciated! <3


Me Forum Threads!:

-100x100 PX Headshot Icons!

-Scamanthra's Brewery! [FREE MORPH POTIONS!]


Art of the Week!:
(Cuz idk what else to doooo...)

(My first actual/official animation! ;w;)


Always supportive. <3


Stamp Collection:
(Tell me if you have more stamps to share! I just came across these and love them now!!!)


d9c4yy2-2dd67959-8fd2-41cd-b833-4ae4bdd5d9c4yz4-3e15c83a-bebe-46f7-afae-9002aca4d9cu84b-f416831d-ccd9-4a24-8324-8469d763d9cle0i-99667eb6-fb91-406d-8762-71a716c9d8j11yq-b6487b67-f098-4819-800c-35492fe5d8fniyn-b6d37f36-d065-462a-a16d-0e8d98bbd9bqryq-614a07fc-94e4-4f91-b456-096b6c57d8bzi8l-025ed7a4-fa81-4ae6-8002-b64a8358d9bqryq-614a07fc-94e4-4f91-b456-096b6c57d8fniyn-b6d37f36-d065-462a-a16d-0e8d98bbd8j11yq-b6487b67-f098-4819-800c-35492fe5[img]<~~~more coming, finding the time to finish this~~~

I worship the stamp right here, and you should as well:

(I don't have much in there right now but I also sell things in my stall at lowest stall price, so, go check that out I guess-)

(Profile CSS by Lu , edits by me, art by DyingSpark )

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    • it was around the far right

    • part of your css was flickering on my screen for a bit- you may wanna fix that

    • Ahhh but they a gift back ahh...
      Well i gues i can just gift them to thee tree...

    • Yee now i got 2 yaaay
      I didnt know someone had them for fc in the stalls

    • Daaaaaaaaaaa thank you ♡
      Your so awesome

    • Yeah, I thought I had asked it before XD but I couldn't remember if they were a Honey Glider, random creature, or a closed species lmao

    • How do can your CSS be so good dude- I love it-

    • Thank you for the tip! That was very nice!

    • I love turkey too oWo
      My brothers dont but who cares i buy it XD
      Sad about that fur u though... i myself hate ham it gives me heartburn

    • Now that i think about it I probably moped on my Thanksgiving complaining about not being able to buy a turkey...... i may... not even get one for christmas... they are so expensive... but i may just bust the bank and buy and expensive one! (I usually buy a cheap $15 one from walmart but we officially said we are never shopping there again.)

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