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Username: SimplySuburban
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm


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Flight Rising || Tumblr || deviantArt || Toyhouse

Formally known as HOUSETEETH


~About Me~

Des | 22 | they/them | FV +1

Hi! I'm Des, and I'm just your friendly neighbourhood robot. You can refer to me as a robot, I do not mind and actually encourage it!

As an artist, many things interest and inspire me. I've always had a love for animals in general, which is why you find me here. From furry cats to scaly dragons, you will find me drawing it all. I also love original species, unique creatures, aliens, and monsters. I have a very special interest for robots. I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe so I'm also low-key obsessed with Gemkind--and the show in general.

I'm stressed out a lot, it's very hard on my (deteriorating) health, so apologies if I take awhile to respond to any messages. Please poke me if I've neglected to respond or I might have lost your notif.



a baby bug drawn by Inkie ♥


☼ Check out my painties and vistas ☼



☼ Check out my original species ☼

(Now retired)

(Now retired)


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    • thank you!

    • Yesss, it is! Thanks again! <3

    • *fills up Paintie Queue with your gorgeous work* My body is READY.

    • Friendly reminder that I love youuuuuu. <3 You are Shaped Like a Friend.

    • aaa thank you! \;v;/

    • I'm glad! the gallery looks great

    • I know you can't be online for awhile, but I sent you a present for when you get back =^_^=

    • Well that will be amazing then, I will definitely treasure whatever you decide to make!

    • Oh gosh, you wouldn't have to! I mean honestly even if you'd just accept FC or FD for it instead of USD one time that would make me suuuuuper happy

    • Why thank you, I was just thinking about you. Hope all is going ok ^^ Someday I need a rose themed paintie by you, admittedly I was sad to have not gotten the great serpent one you made, but I know that the day will come <3

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