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User ID: #6032
Username: SimplySuburban
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm


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Flight Rising || Tumblr || deviantArt || Toyhouse

Formally known as HOUSETEETH


FV +1

I'm stressed out a lot, it's very hard on my health, so apologies if I take awhile to respond to any messages. Please poke me if I've neglected to respond or I might have lost your notif.


a baby bug drawn by Inkie ♥


☼ Check out my painties and vistas ☼



☼ Check out my original species ☼

(Now retired)

(Now retired)


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    • Congrats on winning the species contest! I'm really glad the flailadons won~

    • Congrats!!
      Hope you have a nice day xx

    • Congratulations on winning the species contest!

    • i sent a trade but it cut off part of my message >_>;;
      just sent back the payment for the recolor until i actually get to it so i dont feel guilty
      feel free to cancel it once i finish, tho!

    • Congratulations, the Flailadon Morphing Potion is in the recycle shop now, I love it! Thanks for bringing this species to Furvilla =3

    • Your new avatar is cuuuute

    • Hey friend, I hope your today is better than your yesterday. I saw the paintie you made for Four on the front page, it's so cute! I really hope you're doing ok, and thank you for the rainbow pika you sent me (sorry I didn't say it before, but I appreciate every nice thing you've done for me, like giving me the ashfurn vista).

    • How much do you charge for custom painties? 'v'

    • If I get an Egyptian cat I'll send it

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