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User ID: #6032
Username: SimplySuburban
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm


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not very active recently.

Villagers 44

Comments 185

    • Just wanted you to know that I took the ashfurn off the villager it was on, but I still have it on my TH and plan to upload it on a different villager (didn't get rid of it or anything bad I promise)

    • Heeeeeey friend hi

    • Sad to see you go, I've been admiring your art from afar
      Wishing you the best, wherever you go

    • Oh dang you're leaving, good luck for the future my dude!!

    • Darn, the species is so cute!

    • Hey, are the Ashfurns an open species?

    • You should have Kritties in your gallery too :o and Witchies

    • You have the BEST gallery on site, Des

      I hope you're doing okay ❤

    • Do you need a full set of ginger tabbies for the gallery?

    • Yup! Kitties forever

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