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User ID: #170183
Username: Arctic_Raptor
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Mar 2021, 3:25 pm
Registered: 4 Feb 2020, 9:24 pm

Profile description

[size=10]-UPDATE: I am no longer active on here once again. I have left furvilla for good. I am a gamer. I am now a furry critic, not being a part of websites associated with furries[/size]

Hey there! My name is Arctic_Raptor and its great to meet you!

I'm NOT a furry, but i like games like this.


Background is Panic Room Meme(Antarctica)

Profile pic was made by AshelyTheDoodler240 on DeviantArt


Fairies i have been visited by:
Feline fairy
Plague Doc Fairy
Pretty Kitty Fairy
Slithering Snekk Fairy (Or something like that)
Origami Fairy

I hoard all things silver or grey, as you can see in my gallery. I go by she/her pronouns. If i come off as rude i don't mean to, i apologize for that. '''^^.



Any plushes that i don't have in my Toybox.

i will make custom user profiles and villager profiles for steel blocks and missing plushies from my Toybox - Also for art of Soar, FC and FD.



[url=https://subzeroserpent.tumblr.com]My Tumblr

I find this funny(Coding meme, keeping it as a bookmark)

side note: Please for the love of all things DON'T joke about dying or death around me - i take it seriously and i will most likely have a breakdown

I may also take a little while to respond. to messages/comments. I am busy with schoolwork as well as a discord bot. I won't be active as often on here,If you need to contact me my discord is ❄Antarctica❄#3433

I've started to get into Minecraft more, my user is SubzeroRaptor13. if you want to add me.(PC/Xbox, im on bedrock edition) If you see me don't be afraid to say hi or add me as a friend! My skin is countryhuman Antarctica and i can be usually found in Mineplex's Mob Arena or in Creative Housing, browsing through houses. I sometimes join random servers, like rp servers or survival servers. I'm also a part of 2b2t, on bedrock edition.

oh god im stuck in furry hell please send help

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    • you're welcome :)

    • No problem ^^

    • I love imagine dragons :)

    • Yes, Ari's page is supposed to be a neon easthetic mess. Sorry if it causes any problems for you.

    • Hey! F-777 and Hyper Potions are great music artists! :0 Tbh I've never seen another person on a game like this kinda stuff!

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