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User ID: #20128
Username: Sadrain
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:55 am

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~|~ Rainy ~|~ Girl ~|~ Cat lover ~|~ Pretzel for life ~|~ INFJ ~|~

Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am ghost caracal taming clouds and here at Pretzel Palace, I always have a lot of work!

My Villagers are my OCs or they have given me inspiration for OCs. For now, most of the profiles are hugely WIP, but I hope to slowly go through all of them, adding attention and detail they deserve.

Villagers still needing (new) painties: Elinor, Nayrem, Iantha, Attono, Nilofer, Clemensa

Always looking for seeds from other villages!

You can also find me on Flight Rising, under same username and with wind under my wings.

Visit my houses for a warm welcome!

Ellean's house | Clemensa's house

Dainty Rainy Painty Shoppe | Rainy Plush Adopts | Rainy Trading Hub

~| Wishlist |~

furdollars.gif | 591-gembound-morphing-potion.png | 891-magic-amethyst-gembound-plush.png | 1021-magic-midnight-shifty-plush.png | 1644-oil-aquaticat.png | 1794-ember-firecat.png | 1675-feathered-necklace.png

Slabs and art of my villagers always make me happy!

Profile CSS by Cro and Whipptail


Villagers 28

Comments 215

    • Cro's CSS always looks cozy to me, good stuff. The colours you picked look great too : 3c Maybe just center your desc and set the font colour to white to make it more readable?
      And thank youuuu I had 2 get that QP aesthetic and mythic did an A+ job with all my lil requests

    • also ur profile css is cute

    • nyaa

    • Tuches ur face

    • Right right, I'll definately let people know haha, and most of the peeps on the wait list haven't gotten a quote yet, just asked to be put there :V
      And thank you! ♥

    • Yeahh a lot of folks have given me tips 'cause they're just like here take it lmao
      But if I've already given people a quote I won't raise it too high since that's not really fair, but idk yet //shrugs

    • Right right hehe
      I have no idea what the ratio is to FD = FC, it's all over the place honestly
      But if that is the current rate then I need to raise my prices XD
      But 500FD is basically $5, totally worth it

    • He is now a true furry
      Sure they can have the same color, I don't mind :V
      And I did! They did an awesome job for only 500FD ohmygoodness

    • Yeah I messages them through the Help thingie but that was like, 2 days ago so those poor mods are probably slammed ahh
      He wasn't supposed to have fur actually but Chip did it anyway and it looks beautiful so now he can just grow fur if he wants fukit

    • Why thank you!! It not-so-low-key bugs me that I left her BG white on Ms. Fangs //huffs
      I AM TOO Kalani is a hottie ♥

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