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User ID: #20128
Username: Sadrain
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:55 am

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~|~ Rainy ~|~ Girl ~|~ Cat lover ~|~ Pretzel for life ~|~ INFJ ~|~

Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am ghost caracal taming clouds and here at Pretzel Palace, I always have a lot of work!

My Villagers are my OCs or they have given me inspiration for OCs. For now, most of the profiles are hugely WIP, but I hope to slowly go through all of them, adding attention and detail they deserve.

Villagers still needing (new) painties: Elinor, Nayrem, Iantha, Attono, Nilofer, Clemensa

Always looking for seeds from other villages!

You can also find me on Flight Rising, under same username and with wind under my wings.

Visit my houses for a warm welcome!

Ellean's house | Clemensa's house

Dainty Rainy Painty Shoppe | Rainy Plush Adopts | Rainy Trading Hub

~| Wishlist |~

furdollars.gif | 591-gembound-morphing-potion.png | 891-magic-amethyst-gembound-plush.png | 1021-magic-midnight-shifty-plush.png | 1644-oil-aquaticat.png | 1794-ember-firecat.png | 1675-feathered-necklace.png

Slabs and art of my villagers always make me happy!

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Villagers 28

Comments 215

    • Yup, I agree on that one :D and thank you! Your profile looks great also, I really like the amethyst background c:

    • Oh, that's so cool! :D

    • You're from Lithuania too?? :o

    • I sent more than 4 beta bugs, whatever! lol. I think that's it now? My head is spinning, lady is running late, I'm like wahh! lol.

    • Hey hun, I can't double post, let me know if I missed anything. I looked twice but I'm a bit out of it. LOL.

    • Will do :) Always feel free to message me whenever as well.

    • <3

    • Hello, m'dear! I am sorry about this slow response, I somehow missed the event and just didn't even notice it. I have been a bit scatterbrained, my apologies. Your cloud lynx gal all finished up for Paintie use would be about 1500 FD, or the FC equivalent, items of similar value could be considered as well, ect!

    • Anytime! I'm glad I could help :D

    • Yeah! I'm not doing much else with them, I got them mainly to give to friends/if I was ever in a tight spot fc-wise!

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