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User ID: #143337
Username: blackfirewolf4932
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 28 Jan 2020, 9:18 am
Registered: 28 Jul 2019, 10:21 pm

Profile description

Hello I am Blackfirewolf4932.
If you are to see me, it will most likely be on a roleplay forum.
I am a female however most of my characters are male
I love wolves, dragons, and myths
My characters in the roleplays that i'm in right now are:
Rowool (grey wolf. Wolf roleplay)
Skeleton (unknown dragon species. Dragon roleplay *read discription* )
Dune (Fennic fox villager. Fox roleplay)
Mystic (black wolf. Oregon trail roleplay)
Lupus (grey wolf. Oregon trail roleplay )
Forest (white German Shepard. Stranger things roleplay)
Cole (human male. Stranger things roleplay)
Sabor (Myhe saber-tooth tiger. Oc roleplay)
Lantern (Firewolf. Oc roleplay)
Rek (Demon. Demon roleplay)
Haku (Demon. Demon roleplay)
Flare (Firewolf. Possessed by Rek. Demon roleplay)
Four (Female human. Stranger things roleplay)
(sometimes) Eight (male human. Stranger things roleplay)
I have an account on Scratch and have posted a few things there.
My accound name is SpecksTheDragon.
Everything I have posted on scratch is art -w-

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    • apparently there's been a rp block on most of the rp forums that i'm subscribed to. It's been five days since someone posted on one of em.

    • Oh ok just it hade been over 15 hours sense anyone was on.

    • Hey you still doing the Demon To or are you done with it?

    • So you need tO work out A TIme to do it with that person.

    • Go to town hall>The tourney
      Sign spike up, then go to spike’s profile to where you have the choice of where to go to fight monsters. To the top right you will see a button that says to tourney. Click that and click join Queue. IT ONLY WORKS IF THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME. Sorry caps

    • sadly I do not know enough about this game to know how to fight other players :T but when I figure out how, then I will gladly battle you. :D

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