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User ID: #143337
Username: blackfirewolf4932
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 7 Jul 2020, 11:34 pm
Registered: 28 Jul 2019, 10:21 pm

Profile description

Hello I am Blackfirewolf4932. You can just call me Wolf.
If you are to see me, it will most likely be on a roleplay forum.
I am a female however most of my characters are male
I love wolves, dragons, and myths
My characters in the roleplays that i'm in right now are:
Rowool (grey wolf. Wolf roleplay)
Skeleton (unknown dragon species. Dragon roleplay *read discription* )
Dune (Fennic fox villager. Fox roleplay)
Mystic (black wolf. Oregon trail roleplay)
Lupus (grey wolf. Oregon trail roleplay )
Forest (white German Shepard. Stranger things roleplay)
Cole (human male. Stranger things roleplay)
Four (Female human. Stranger things roleplay)
(sometimes) Eight (male human. Stranger things roleplay)
Warrior (green metal dragon. fnaf roleplay)
Lupo (grey wolf fnaf roleplay)
Blue (Blue dog fnaf roleplay)
Vlad (I don't know what he is XD The Plagued Lands (closed))
I have an account on Scratch and have posted a few things there.
Here's a link.

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    • Hello! What's your scratch user? Mines the same as here, DimkaDimintriFeline!! I'd love to drop you a follow!!

    • myths. ancient greece, and rome is my thing.

    • wait wait waitttttttttt what? did you know Drakinator is quitting doing warrior cats maps and art? they even left the warrior cats animos and community

    • I'll shame you.

      shame you

    • you better still be online :'')

    • imma post in that thread now,,

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