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User ID: #50448
Username: Polymathema
Gender: Male
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:56 am

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first off i am FTM trans, yes I identify as homoromantic, and I am also ace and disabled so if any of this isn't chill with you, you can go turn around and exit any door you would like i'm not here for youuuu

furvilla staff i live with username Scyne I will be sharing minimially with him so there should be no problems but we will share an IP address sorry ALSO I sometimes share an IP with Hatsuko but not as often okay thank you

hello i am polymathema and i like pet sites. I joined during the open beta and have no idea what I'm doing okay

on pet sites I normally used to ask people not to send friend requests unless I knew them but here on this new frontier I will accept ALL FRIEND REQUESTS so yeah whatever come be my friend and talk to me (please try and talk to me before just shooting off a request though, it's nice)

sorry if I don't get to your comment on a villager right away (or ever sometimes) I get overwhelmed, if it's important and you have to get in touch with me asap feel free to message me personally.

Aesthetics: pretty crystals, apple scented candles, endermen, bath bombs, tea (especially herbal teas), salt lamps, clubmaster glasses, rose gold

Podcasts: Coolgames Inc, WTNV, Lore, Mysterious Universe

Music: The Mountain Goats, Shearwater, Florence + the Machine, MS MR, Max Ritcher, styles- ambient, vapor wave, witch house, ghost drone

Movies: Skyfall, Inception, Pac Rim, Matilda, The Shining, Neco z Alenky

Books: Discworld (the watch books generally), Cat Who, Swordpoint

Villagers 55

Comments 176

    • i love your villagers aaa

    • Hi! Did you ever finish my MBT?

    • Hello! I wanted to say your characters and panties are stunning and beautiful <333

    • do you do paintie commissions? All your villagers are so nice

    • I keep forgetting to say this but I absolutely adore your art <3

    • Your villagers look really nice!

    • Opus was APPROVED! Thank you so much once again! <3

    • That all actually depends on what you're fighting and how it seems to be affecting you~ Over all, high mitigation seems to be very helpful in the wandering monsters area. But as there are monsters that use fire magic, fire/frost, and lightning/dark attacks, having a bit of everything can be handy~ I recommend trying to find out who's giving you the most trouble, and looking at the combat logs to see what attacks they're using to deal the most damage. Then from there, try and modify your build a little bit to cover that area better~

    • I'm really glad that they were able to help you out! That was a bit of my hope for the 0 to hero stream, that it'd be able to help users understand the system a bit more about what's going on, and how to level up on a budget~ I did manage to get a few lucky drops during it, but still managed to get to level 10 with only using 5k* coins! Congratulations on reaching level 7! You'll be level 20 in no time~ X3

      And of course, even if I'm not streaming, if you have a question that you think I might be able to help out with, feel free to ask!

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