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User ID: #52372
Username: Hatsuko
Gender: Male
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 2:16 pm

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| ISFJ | 31 | Leo |
Home village: Dragonsmaw Manor


Hey fellow fur villagers my name is Brittan but most people call me Hats. You can call me whatever suits your fancy really I only ask that you use he/him pronouns please. I am a gay transman with BPD and a lot of Issues and daddy gets tired a lot. If we are talking and I randomly drop off, I'm sorry. I promise it's nothing against you.

I've been here since beta and I'm still not entirely sure how this site works but I'm here anyway because I like furries, cute things, chilling/role playing with friends, and pet sites. Sometimes I also I like to draw and write stuff when I'm not screaming into the void.

I'm obsessed with Star Wars. I live and breathe space trash. Feel free to talk Jedi nonsense at me~

You can more often than not catch me lurking on any number of Polymathema 's shops (or through my children word vomiting all over his characters profiles) and this is because he is my sweet soft boy and I love him very much

Currently I am working towards obtaining character slots for my hoard of children, and updating their villager profiles with painties and descriptions.

To the anonymous user who sent me a Mistletoe Fairy and called me a good person: whoever you are, thank you

All painties and art found in my profile, signature, and villager profiles is drawn by my incredibly talented spouse Polymathema unless otherwise specified

Villagers 87

Comments 18

    • Thanks so much! I love this icon, it's done by resident jakdacrowe, who does amazing work! Void is absolutely baby, and good boy!! ^_^;;

    • Thanks for your purchase!

    • TY for your comment on Void! I cant tell you how much it means! Danforth is one of my fav painties on site, as two favourite things are coupled together, cephalopod and deep alien colours!

    • OMG tysm for that!! <3 I'm so glad you liked the comm ^.^

    • Thank you for choosing Sam for your repair ^-^

    • Aw gosh, thankja kindly! I am glad others can enjoy it, and my kiddos.

    • <3 Thank you for the sweet comment! ^_^

    • Yes I was fortunate enough to get the foxes. One was via a melting fox I lended out to a friend to use for their studding service, and another was a gift when I was still running my studding service before my computer crashed. I didn't require people to give me their SR through studding, but a user pulled 2 in a row and was kind enough to gift me one anyways as a thanks for using my melting fox.

    • Thanks for trying. I managed to trade for both of the buns, but it would have been nice if after 14 days of nonstop breeding I managed to produce at least one on my own.

    • If you are on I can send the final 9 your way.

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