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Username: AnnaDragonShadow
Gender: Female
Registered: 16 Jul 2019, 2:42 pm

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Hai. I am a christian. Please no NSFW on my profile. =3 I like foxes & dragons, and if you want I can write you a oneshot (Although I may not do certain topics) just give me character descriptions and a short sentence on what you want it to be about :3 I'll post them as a comment on your profile....

No CSS yet 'cuz I'm lazy/ can't find a premade I like enough to use/buy <3

A huge thank you to Saberfiend for the art, magic sticker, AND paintie ticket for Wykin ~<3

Listen here, >:3 I may or may not be a fairy~ Can you guess which one?

I hoard stardust, clock pieces, and assorted gears. Thank you.

My Toyhouse is AnnaDragonShadow (I know, such a surpirse!!! Lol)

Join me in Sallentine!! I know it's a huge work in progress, but any and all support is appreciated!! <3 <3 <3

Feel free to nudge me if I haven't responded in an appropriate time to something! I may have forgotten or deleted the PM conversation, but I promise I won't deliberately ignore you. (I may choose not to respond if I don't see a need to respond-- I check ALL my notifications, so if you've noticed my being active, I HAVE seen whatever it is, I just haven't responded yet/ decided it doesn't need responding to ATM)

Wykin is especially fond of art of her characters! (Anybody in my TH folders apart from herself, although she does need some art herself....) Please her with gifts (She believes in 'give and you shall receive') and she may send Koa your way!! ^^

I'll trade pretty much anything in my collections for art!! ^^ Just ask, as I am attached to a few things owo (Might not matter if I particularly like your style)

I may be more or less broke but if you're new, pop me a comment and I'll send some fc to help you get started!!

Please don't send me to DA. I have nothing against the site, it's just that this old tablet's browser literally doesn't support that site. Sorry for any inconvienences!!!

This stargazer is 100% down for an art trade any day.

This vixen/kitsune weeb is 100% wary about life.

This author-bean is 100% straight.

This Sallentine creator is 100% apologetic if I blow up your inbox for any reason. Blowup as in more than two messages.

This Maladaptive Daydreamer spends 100% of her time dreaming up stuff she's probably never gonna write.

This science geek is 100% into Galaxy stuff.

If I don’t respond soon to anything, I’m sorry. I’ll try to get to you as soon as life allows. School, chores, and family are a lot to juggle XD

Will do artist for my wishlist items OwO

Also go buy something from ImmortalFire

Wish list: a bunch of these bad bois:1671-serpents-feather.png

Will do any art for:

4633-jade-kitsune.png2391-star-guardian-mystic-kitsune.png 2390-dark-orchid-mystic-kitsune.png 3380-modern-bard-kitsune.png 3050-rainbow-cloud-kitsune.png 2898-winter-wonderland-festive-kitsune.p 641-paintie-ticket.png

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    • It's alright, the art was very cute!

    • I checked! Mods are only for inviting, got it!

    • It's a forum on my private TH world, only members of it can see ^^ But that's fine!

    • O btw I forgot to throw this thread in your general direction-

    • Thank you for the kitsunes!

    • Oh okay just wasn’t sure witch thread you were talking about XD

    • Thank you! Your art's awesome too!!
      (Also your flower characters are super cool omg)

    • Wut?

    • Oh I payed to get this done by someone so am afraid I am going to have to keep it to my self plus they need to fix the color of the text cause I can’t see the comments cause it’s white .-.

    • No probs! And I may need help for a new species I'm making ( Currently doing an MYO event for it on the Fican Shop )

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