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User ID: #140266
Username: Dream-Treader
Gender: Female
Last Online: 10 Dec 2023, 12:25 am
Registered: 16 Jul 2019, 2:42 pm

Profile description

I haven't updated this in ages

I don't bite, so feel free to message me if you need something or just wanna chat! ^^ I also don't mind friend requests, but please don't do so out of the blue!! >.<" They confuse me~ Just make sure we've had an interaction or two first or you'll likely get declined...

My shop's not open right now, but feel free to message me about commissions or art trades! <3 If I owe you art at this time, feel free to nudge me!

I love, love, LOVE character interactions! If you chat with my kiddos (everyone responds in character), they may give you a gift~

Occasionally lurks in kahoots with _DeviousShadow_

My sister is Cocoa_Nut but we shouldn't share the same ip address since we don't live in the same place anymore.

I'm the reason Well Loved Lion Plushies are one of the more expensive ones ^^"

I'm working on it... Owo'

*1500 Oasis water (who knows anymore/1500)
*Complete my menagerie within reason. (Yeah, uh. there's no way I'll be able to COMPLETELY finish it... buuuuut, it'd be nice to get most of it done)
*Acquire a Gembound creation item Somehow finished
*Never use said Gembound item >:3c
*Make or commission a decent CSS because my profile looks like garbage
*Finish bio revisions for painties
*Get villagers/painties for my other good childrens
*Collect all Kitsunes and Rose items

Will do art for my Wishlist items ^^"


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      Collapses onto my knees and clings to your LEGS... Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! :pleading:

    • Thank you so much for letting me know!
      And dang, it looks so cool! Thank you ♥

    • Alewolf No problem! ^^ <3 I was a bit worried about how the anatomy would do with the cheeb style, so I'm glad you like it ^^"

    • Thank you so much for the art in the draw the OC game. came out so cute.

    • Art of your character has been posted in “draw the of above you”. On my post where I claimed you.

    • Hehe, don't worry about the time. Sometimes stuff just takes longer and that's okay. Your doodles were really cute, so thank you once again for them!

    • Ah Thank you so much for those doodles! Malachai looks so cute >w< I love 'em ♥

    • Voxeu You're very welcome! ^^ Glad I could be of help! <3

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