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User ID: #35532
Username: Vesker
Gender: Trans FtM
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:45 am

Profile description

Jay | 26 | England | Queer | FtM | He/Him

Your average photography student on anti-depressants with various disorders.
Low-key really annoyed I had to get rid of my old CSS bc of the profile revamp, RIP I guess :')

I don’t particularly write reams of text about myself on profiles because I’m really boring but if you wanna get to know me at all, my DMs are always open!

I like things like horror games & movies, a few adult cartoons, a variety of anime. There would be too much to list, but totally come and enquire if you want to! One day I’ll make one of those carrd things to just throw up as a link, but not today, I guess!

Current Hyperfixation: Devilman/Devilman Crybaby

I'm currently looking for 1x1 RP partners! 12+ years of writing exp under my belt! Prefer 3rd person paragraph format and using discord, but open to other options! 18+ only though, just because I’m an adult and RPing with a minor would make me uncomfortable!

Looking for OC ships and maybe some canon character ships if we share any fandoms! Feel free to message ;u;

Art I'm waiting on

- Art trade with CallistoCorona | My half done
- Doodle from wysp | 200 FD | Paid
- Piece from TheArkitect | 2000 FD | Unpaid

This is just for me to keep track personally! Don't feel pressured because it's here ;u;

⋆ ✩ ★ Adopt Shop! ★ ✩ ⋆ | ⋆ ✩ ★ Art Shop! ★ ✩ ⋆

Thank you anon fairies! Y’all so sweet! Been visited by:

Butcher Fae | Vanilla Scented Fairy | Shining Diamond Fairy (yare yare daze??) | Chariot Fairy | Medical Fairy | The Outsider | Cosine Fairy | Tiny Fairy | Green Fairy | Rhythm | The Fairy Philosopher | Pride Fairy | Fluffly Rosy Fairy

Other Sites

- Toyhou.se | Vesker
- deviantArt | Veskarts
- Fur Affinity | Veskus
- Art Fight | Vesker
- Tumblr | Veskus

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    • I love your CSS! :0000 It´s b e a u t i f u l *Imagines it on Vapor the Shifty´s profile* aH

      How do these people do their CSS so gud lol

    • Happy Birthday! Also, please forgive me for I have sinned

    • Thank you for the tip! :)

    • thank you so much for the secret santa art of my sammy! I love the pink striped oven mitts xD

    • no problem my dude!!


    • ASdsdgfdo thank you for drawing Teru!<33 I can't even imagine what it's like playing Strawberry Trapper with thumbs, let alone tiny bear thumbs lol <3

    • I'm so glad that it's not just me who likes him, I'm glad to see he has a good home with you! He's gotta be one of my fave designs to date heh

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