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User ID: #35532
Username: Vesker
Gender: Transman
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:45 am

Profile description

Jay | 25 | England | Queer | Trans | He/Him

Your average Art Student on anti-depressants with various disorders.

I'm always cycling through various fandoms and interests but the most constants are:

JJBA | Osomatsu-san | Marvel & DC | Rick and Morty | Space | Marine | Aesthetics | Guro | Memes

Art I'm waiting on
- Fullbody from SoundwaveKun | $6 | Paid
- Fullbody from Bred | 200 FD | 300k FC | Paid
- Icon from RK800 | 500 FD | Paid

This is just for me to keep track personally! Don't feel pressured because it's here ;u;

Thank you anon fairies! Y’all so sweet! Been visited by:
- Butcher Fae
- Vanilla Scented Fairy
- Shining Diamond Fairy (yare yare daze??)
- Chariot Fairy
- Medical Fairy
- The Outsider
- Cosine Fairy

Other Sites
- Toyhou.se | Vesker
- deviantArt | Veskarts
- Fur Affinity | Veskus
- Art Fight | Vesker
- Tumblr | satanistbass

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    • i'm glad you like the art! choosing who to draw was challenging as all your characters are so stunning ♡

    • Old stop sign face, I counted out the sides. Imagine someone dumping trash or something in the ocean when that titan slowly rises out, staring angrily. The her face just... Turns into a stop sign.... That image has been making me giggle for a while.

    • Not that you asked me to fix it it was just annoying me XP

    • Your welcome, I fixed it (I did not notice the tail was a different color still i double checked the toyhouse)

    • Ye~! np :>
      I had gone overboard with the art but it's prob becuz I love their design lol

    • You're welcome! Glad you like them! <3

    • Thank you for the cute Agate doodle! <3

    • Hi! Your sig art links to the wrong person- Im poiarized, with an i anstead of an L!

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