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User ID: #43083
Username: Steampunk_Llama
Gender: Exactly 57 lizards
Last Online: 26 Feb 2020, 9:42 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 8:08 am

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Gabe - 19 - they/them - ace aro - beta tester
New bio Wip but yeehaw


Rip CSS privileges 2016 - 2019, you'll be missed u_u

Vista credits here!!

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Comments 341

    • bro thank you so much youre too nice dude

    • Aaa thank you so much! :D

    • aaAAA gooosh, Guiles looks so great in your style! The pose is wonderful .; v; Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely holiday!

    • I love your css, it’s such a cool aesthetic

    • Thank you for the sweet compliment for Marzipan! <3

    • Thank you so so much for the support!!!

    • I see Vaporwave and I am very happy

    • im losing it at your signature

    • A L L H A I L T A P E B O Y

    • aaaa thank you so much!!!! ;w; (also your css is really awesome! :O it's so good and it's whole aesthetic is so cool aaa!!!)

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