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User ID: #43083
Username: Steampunk_Llama
Gender: Exactly 57 lizards
Last Online: 27 Jan 2020, 5:01 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 8:08 am

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Gabe - 19 - they/them - ace aro - beta tester
New bio Wip but yeehaw


Rip CSS privileges 2016 - 2019, you'll be missed u_u

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    • i literally cried from laughter at every single thing on this page my face hurt when i saw the garfielf picture i knew it was time to ascend

    • oh my god your profile is an absolute joy. i love typing on guy fieris meme face
      but yes you heard correctly i do enjoy homestuck quite a bit (:B

  • Comment has been hidden

    • thenk u too i love puns they fill me with joy
      even my username is a damn pun
      ur puns are gr8 too i appreciate them

    • YEs ghost marowak has deserved to exist as a catchable Pokémon since lavender town
      Alolan diglett and dugtrio are just ... ?? I don't know how to feel about them tbh LOL
      same with bruxish. Alolan exeggutor is A+ tho

    • oh man ur profile page is beautiful

    • Yesss they do
      They kinda remind me of juggalos but ye
      Still cool ;w;
      I love some of the new Pokémon designs too
      Ninetales alolan form is a BABE

    • Infp* pokemon*** Jesus chRIST

    • Hallo fren
      I am also info and YASS POKRMONNN
      but I haven't played SuMo yet, sobss

    • cursed everything

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