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User ID: #43083
Username: Steampunk_Llama
Gender: Exactly 57 lizards
Last Online: 18 Jan 2020, 8:47 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 8:08 am

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Gabe - 18 - they/them - ace aro - beta tester
New bio Wip but yeehaw

Rip CSS privileges 2016 - 2019, you'll be missed u_u

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    • Sounds pretty lit
      I'm not gonna be oing much lol. Just going over to my mom's friend's house. Gonna try and spend most of break with my gf though

    • That sounds dank AF. I look forward to it *tips fedora*
      (So, excited so Christmas? Or any other holiday you might celebrate ^-^)

    • Finally, someone with good meme taste
      In all seriousness, though, your profile is gorgeous lmao

    • *sniff sniff*
      Is that..
      Are those..
      Memes that I smell?

    • Hey! thanks for the friend request. Can i ask who you are before you accept? I dont usually add people who random request.

    • That's about as good of an introduction as I would've done, to be honest.

      It's really nice to hear that, though- I love finding others that I have things in common with. You seem incredibly cool as well, and I'm sure we'll get along fine!

    • Okay, cool. Just though I'd ask ^^

    • Hello! What pronouns go with the gender "radical"? :3

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