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User ID: #81311
Username: snowfallen
Rank: Helper
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 9 Aug 2020, 8:32 am
Registered: 21 Dec 2016, 4:16 am

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| Snowy/Veemo | 22 |
| he/they | demiboy | bi/ace |


500furdollars.gif (for username change)
Tailgatescutebooty is my best friend/moirail and i love her a lot!!!!! ♦
Skysong is one of my best friends ♥
Angelsyx is my mom so please be kind to her! thank you!!
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i knew it

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    • Oh shoot! I totally forgotten about him o~o

      I'm gonna try to get a house now, so you can give it back, ok?

    • Woops yeah I don't know why my Damian is placed between lower levels like that. I feel bad to be honest. I don't want to grind off people's backs, but I also need the VP because of little free time ;w;

    • Thats great! I will let you know when I get ready to do your commission.

    • THAT is one heck of a dream! XD Thanks for sharing that and thanks for buying me, your dream-self is obviously quite a dream mensch X3 The strike-through at the end really got a laugh out of me too yxX0noo.png

    • Ahhh your post count!

    • Bahhaah oh the rudeness ITS KILLING ME XD

    • Aaa thank you ; u ;
      I really just like simple CSS, at least for now. The little borders with faint colors are soothing for me (and unlike some CSS on this site it doesn't make it hard to read things xux)

      I love yours too though! The wallpaper is lovely! And I love how its set up in general c:

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