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User ID: #2169
Username: Nhotemau
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 29 Jan 2022, 1:15 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

Profile description

PLEASE: Don't send me junk items and don't FR me unless we have interacted before, thanks :) You're welcome to PM me if you want to get to know me though, I don't bite!

Is "totem" in Welsh.

I make all my own painties :)

Old (not really, but I feel it!), agender; pronouns: they/them, pan. I live in Wales in the UK. I love art, writing, photography, games, films, books, model horses and Star Stable. I also have some wacky pets :)


Furvilla Goals:
Get more animals that I don't have! I love animals!
Get more villagers :)
Get Painties of every said Villager.

Painties Needing Work:

Villagers 99

Comments 26

    • *Shakes you back and forth like crazy* Don scare me like that! ;-;

    • Well, I guess this is goodbye. Hope you enjoyed it here!

    • hey, sorry lol. I just came into furvilla. I'm not really active on this platform and didn't see your friend request! <3

    • Hahha! That's okay! I've been doing okay! Mostly working. Been getting into Maplestory 2 a lot here lately. Husband's been mostly playing Borderlands and working too. How are you doing? :D

    • GAH! Thank you Nho! xD!! Accepting trade on CS now! :D <3

    • haha thank you. you've got a lot of beautiful painties here <3

    • Awh it's no problem at all, lovely! ♡ I hope you have an utterly spooktacular Halloween!

    • Mog, your villagers are amazing dude!

    • You're welcome! I have to say, your villagers are absolutely amazing. <3 And you have 9 snakes and 25 tarantulas?? My gosh, my daughter would absolutely idolize you. XD

    • It's no problem at all! ♡ (Sorry for such a late reply D'': ) but I'd like to say you've got some gorgeous painties :''0 they're amazing! (the spooky bby in your icon is an utter darling)

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