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Let's Get Cooking!

Posted by Staff on 11 Mar 2017, 10:11 pm


Hi all, I am super excited to be here today in this lovely new News Post! Awesome things are happening and I hope you’ll stick with me through all this info because it’s going to be worth the read, I promise!

Cooking Career

It’s been in the works for a while but we are very happy to finally be releasing a new career for your Villagers to play around with. Cooking functions very similarly in mechanics to the other recipe using careers so there shouldn’t be any big surprises there. We’re hoping this will be an easy to use and fun new addition to the current Villager career set. And I am sure you’re wondering what exactly is going to happen with all this food you’ll be making...Well just keep on reading and we’ll get to all that.

Recipes and general supplies can be found in the new cooking supply shop. And of course for those village specific recipes you will need to do a bit of exploring and battling to gather important ingredients. So when you are ready to get started head on over to the Cozy Cookery and stock up!

Furvilla Feast

For those with a more competitive nature, the first function food items will have is for the Furvilla Monthly Feast! The Feast is a eating contest that will occur every month and users across the site will be working hard to reach those coveted top 10 slots. But never fear because in the end, everyone that participates will win a prize of some kind so come on and join in the fun! Check out the link below for more information and a look at the Leader Board.

The Feast

Furvilla Food Drive

The second use of the new food items is a bit more generous in nature and all about helping out your village! Donating food to the local Food Drive will earn your village points and at the end of the month, the winning village’s occupants will earn a temporary extra worker slot for the whole next month. So get involved, help out your village, donate to keep all those extra mini pets and wandering villagers fed! Click the link below to head on over to the Food Drive.

Food Drive

General Info

-Each type of food item has a different point value.
---Soup = 2 points
---Appetizer = 4 points
---Salad = 6 points
---Entree = 8 points
---Dessert = 10 points

- Food items expire 2 weeks after they are crafted (this is to discourage hoarding and to try and keep things as fair as possible)

-Feeding your villager has no effect on anything but your eating contest score, which means choosing to not feed your villagers has no ill effects on your game play. This feature is purely for fun.

-If you live in a smaller village please don’t worry about your chances of winning in the Food Drive, scoring will be influenced by populations as well to give all villages a fair shot if they work hard.

We will be shooting to have a full Knowledge Base article up for this career soon and in the meantime the Staff is always happy to do their very best to answer any questions and listen to any concerns that you may have.

Cooking Career Chat and Q&A

I hope that everyone enjoys these new additions to the site and just has a lot of fun whipping up these delicious looking dishes!

Bon Appétit


Idea Development Update

Posted by Staff on 10 Mar 2017, 3:49 am


Hi everyone, hope you don't mind if I bark in your ears a bit again today!

I'd like to personally welcome all of you to the Grand Opening of the new Idea Development Forum! Previously, we’ve taken a passive approach to site-development, but now we’re looking to interact with the community to help make important decisions over the site’s direction.

We are attempting to be more transparent with the user-base and take feedback more seriously. This is no simple matter, but we plan to try our very best to work alongside all of you to make Furvilla an enjoyable place for you and your friends to spend your time!

Official Idea Development Team

Supervising Admin: Admin-Mat


And as they are our wonderful Community Admin, you may see Admin-Deinmaar flitting in and out from time to time to see your wonderful suggestions and ideas so be sure to give a friendly hello when you see them!

Before doing any posting please be sure to look at the stickied posts in the new forums for rules and introduction to how things are going to work, this is all very important information and should be read through carefully.

And remember, Furvilla is both a game and a community! Let’s work together to figure out what will be best for everyone!


Serpent Festival Contest and Raffle Results

Posted by Staff on 4 Mar 2017, 3:38 am


Hi all, just me again, here to announce a bit of fun news! The Serpent Festival Contest winners have been chosen and our very first Serpent Festival Fashion Show has come to an end. And that means that I have some congratulations (and prizes) to hand out!

Serpent Festival Contest Winners

I am going to start off with a great big thank you to everyone that participated in the Festival contests, there were a lot of amazing entries! Below you will find a link to see the winning entries from the Art Contest and House Decorating contest, be sure to check them out and offer the winning users a big congrats!

Winning Contest Entries

Art Contest Winners

First Place: froggio #66268
tailgatescutebooty #3120
snowysaur #32813
3l #31612
sugarhisses #13480

*If you created one of the winning entries for the Art Contest please contact Admin-Mat through PM on site to collect your prize*

House Decoration Contest Winners

Baelfin #35056
Deo #3294
xarazura #50456
Kijame #30889
Uendo #8819

Serpent Festival Fashion Show Raffle Winners

Runeis #71500
Oreloki #5614
Lupin #71059
BeccaKitty #69565
Ryuuka #84273
Malis #16919
Sheason #72848
Pesticide #56037
Lion #105
harmonywish #51973
Alligator #5215
Tailgatescutebooty #3120
quasars #13401
TokiToki #933
Distortion #88001
snowysaur #32813
Naon #78396
PlushGiraffe #77247
noll #12373
Uendo #8819

All you lucky winners can expect your prizes to arrive soon so be on the look out!



March Monthlies

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Mar 2017, 9:48 pm


March is here in full swing, and we have plenty of awesome things planned here at Furvilla!

The FurDollar Emporium is featuring its newest stock of pets!


The Firecat, in all its blazing glory!


A Wyvern, for all the scalie fans!


A Squirrel, for those who were expecting more from the chipmunks last month!


A Frog, for fans of amphibians!


The Sneep, a cute furry snake!

We're experimenting with the monthly mini-pets again and have decided to try out a new method this month: these mini-pets have a 5 day breeding cool-down. They will be able to breed until April 1, 2017, at which point they will become unbreedable. We hope this is good news for those of you who enjoyed breeding them before, and also allows them to keep a solid value!


The Retired Box has popped into the FurDollar Emporium as well. It contains a random box from past months (which would be February, for now).


Clink-clank! What's that noise? It's the new Mechanical Mini-Pets! Well, if you can't get a real pet to love you, why not program one instead?


Crafters have a new set of blueprints available to them - mechanical mini-pets. These blueprints drop from Warrior battles as potential loot that you can find. Each village has its own animal, but you can trade blueprints to other villages if you want to get them all!


To make mechanical pets, you'll need to get two types of items - mechanical pieces and mechanical organs. Pictured above are the mechanical pieces. Each village has its own mechanical piece to be found when exploring. Collect as many as you want, and then start trading the extras to other villages, so you can have enough pieces to create your new mecha pal!


Pets don't last long without hearts and brains, and mechanical pets are no different. Grab the blueprints to build a mechanical organ from the Quest Shop, also used by the Crafter, and get building!


Mechanical organs require Steel and Oil Cans to build. You can find Oil Cans available in the Quest Shop as well.


Got all your pieces? Now it's time to build your own lovable pet! When you complete a crafting recipe to make a mini-pet, it will randomize which color mini-pet you get. Can you collect them all?


Mechanical Wolves are native to Dragonsmaw Manor!


Mechanical Seals are native to Tigereye Peak!


Mechanical Fish are native to Oceandome!


Mechanical Dragons are native to Olde Foxbury!


Mechanical Birds are native to Quetzal Palace!

Who said engineering couldn't be fun, huh?
See you next time!



Posted by Admin-Mat on 27 Feb 2017, 5:34 pm


We are so excited to have our Certified Badges in by Mary Mouse! Originally we planned to only offer these at conventions, but it was suggested to have them available onsite as well for Furvilla's online furry fans. In lieu of offering them for sale, we've decided to make them available as a free reward for supporting Furvilla. Players can claim a badge as a thank you for purchasing $50 in FurDollars OR logging into the game a consecutive 90 days.

Badges are limited to one per account. A valid name and shipping address is required for the badge to be shipped; the information inputted can be edited until the badge is shipped. Shipping is free to all domestic and international players. Players will receive a shipping notice when their badge ships out so they know when to keep an eye on the post for its arrival!


A Little Shift

Posted by Staff on 24 Feb 2017, 2:46 am


Hello all, it’s me again, here to yap at you all a bit about what I think will be a very welcome change!

It seems those adorable little blobs of black goo have learned a new trick...Shifties can now equip costumes! It is our hope that you all will enjoy being able to take advantage of the career buffs and a bit more freedom in your Painties (all regular rules still apply). Also please note that there are no plans for any official art of the actual Shifty base dressed in any of the costumes. But you are quite welcome to edit those amorphous little goo creatures into outfits if you can figure out some way to keep them from just puddling out of them…

I am personally looking forward to seeing even more of your lovely and wonderfully creative Painties coming through the queue in the future! Have a great time with this new update, keep all those Furvilla Tailors busy. And from what I have heard, Dr. Chester, Mayor of our very own Dragonsmaw Manor, wouldn’t be terribly upset about seeing a few more Beasts roaming about...Apparently Were-Creatures are all the rage right now!

Have a great day everyone!


The Gala has opened!

Posted by Deinmaar on 21 Feb 2017, 12:06 pm


Ana says:

With a clang, the doors to the Quetzal Palace citadel have finally opened. The Gala begins at noon, and continues for the rest of the Serpent Festival. Do make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the Gala -- the bouncers won't let you in otherwise. If you haven't a nice outfit yet, you should ask someone in your village to provide you one--perhaps an experienced tailor? A dress or suit would be preferred.

Note: Click the picture above to enter the Gala

Gala Contests:
Gala Decoration Contest
Gala Outfit Challenge

At the Gala, the Guardian Angels are offering a store where you can exchange feathers for various Gala and festival-themed rewards. Regard below what you can find:


There are numerous festival-themed furniture items you can use to decorate your home.


You can even take home some Gala furniture, to make your home look distinguished and upscale.


All of these magical plushes are available.


Finish off your collections with the rare and super rare creatures we managed to catch.


Fond of baby serpents? We have collected some eggs to offer to Gala participants as well.


This potion smells and tastes strongly of honey... and its magic properties will turn a villager into a brand new species, the Bee. The Bee is a new species available in Quetzal Palace. Its recipes stock as an uncommon item in the potions shop, and we have mixed a few to offer here for any who are interested in immediate transformation. This species is available through potion only.


Bees are an excellent addition, are they not?


Do be sure to collect your trophy when you enter the Gala. When you convert your feathers to Gala Points, you can begin your purchasing, and your applicable trophy will appear.


The Serpent's Feather is now stocking in the FurDollar Emporium for 100 FD, to put a hard cap on any possible inflation during the Gala.


Last but not least, we have welcomed a new Guardian Angel into the fold: the Gryphon can now wear the Angelic costume!


Fashion Show Updates/Changes

Posted by Deinmaar on 20 Feb 2017, 10:59 pm


Hey all!
It's your big dragon Admin, Deinmaar here!

Due to users spamming the entry thread and abusing the unlimited entry allowance, we have decided to place a limit of 5 valid Fashion Show entries per person. We have deleted the old Entry thread and Discussion and Questions thread, to clean up the clutter, and made shiny brand new ones. Please choose your Painties carefully before entering to make sure that they follow one of the themes:
-Festival Wear (check out the Serpent Festival Plushies for an idea of what we're looking for)
-Gala/Formal Wear
-Quetzal Palace Costumes (Fairy, Angelic, and Galaxy)
-Quetzal Palace/Cloud/Sky

Serpent Festival Fashion Show 2.0

Fashion Show Discussion and Questions 2.0

There has also been a change in wishlist items you are allowed to use:
Your prize wish list must contain 5 different items, excluding FurDollar Emporium items, any Gembound Creation items, the Discourse Sword and Shield, Forum Vistas, and irl merchandise related items (the only exception to this is single Paintie Tickets).

We will be taking entries up through the last day of the Gala. All valid entries will be entered into the raffle and we will be drawing 20 names. Each user is only able to win once, in order to give more people a chance at winning something from their wishlist.

Good luck, my smols!


On the Catwalk

Posted by Staff on 18 Feb 2017, 7:04 pm


Hi all! It’s that time of year again where the Quetzal Palace Serpent descends to the mainland to pay all of us a visit (and collect offerings of course). But this Festival isn’t all about the Serpent, I mean what is a Festival without some festivities right?

As everyone knows, the Gala is fast approaching but this year Quetzal Palace is also hosting the first ever Serpent Festival Fashion Show! Citizens from far and wide are welcome to attend and show off their finest Serpent Festival looks. So come on and take a walk down the catwalk and strut your stuff!

Below you will find a link to the Fashion Show thread, please be sure to read all the rules thoroughly to make sure your post/s will be eligible. We’re looking forward to seeing all your beautiful, smiling, fashion forward faces out there!

Serpent Festival Fashion Show

I hope everyone enjoys the show and I’ll see you all there!


FGNN: Serpent Update

Posted by Staff on 15 Feb 2017, 9:57 pm


Oh...is this one of my feathers? Oh wait! This is one of the Serpent's feathers?! Oh goodness! The Serpent is losing feathers at a much increased rate! How wonderful for all of you feather collectors! Just remember that in order to get that golden trophy, you're going to need 50 of them. And mind that they are the Serpent's feathers and not mine...poor vain molting bird that I am. Stress you know...trying to keep up with all the events in this event have this poor anchorman losing feathers as well! But I'm sure we'll all enjoy the rest of this event and everything will go smoothly soon, in time for the big Gala!

*Feathers now have a 25% drop rate when you turn in pets to the Serpent.*


Also, all of my fine feathered, furred, or scaled friends, this change comes with another additional stage. The items that you are so eagerly awaiting, they will not be priced until the 21st, and that pricing is going to be determined by the feather ratio. So the more you pluck those feathers from the floor, the more those items are going to cost. Keep that in mind as you continue your feather hunting! I know we're all looking forward to seeing all of you dress your best for the Gala!