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Snow Festival Fairy Reminders!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 13 Dec 2018, 9:36 pm


Back with another reminder to use your Snow Festival Candle Fairies if you want any of the furniture items that they give out. We will be removing the furniture stock from those fairies and officially retiring all those furniture items.


Snow Festival Star Fairies will also be having their items changed, please use them if you are looking to try and get the Happy Holly Festive Kitsune, Winter Wonderland Festive Kitsune, Festive Holiday Sword, and Festive Holiday Shield.


You will have until 12:00pm Furvilla time on December 16th to use your Candle Fairies and Star Fairies if you would like to collect any of the items currently in those 2 fairies!

Thank you and have a wonderful night!


Welcome Back Everyone!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 13 Dec 2018, 2:10 am


That was a fun little break right?! No? You were as bored as I was? Well it was a necessary evil...We were able to roll out a few changes, which I have listed below!


-User blocks now also affect villager houses and wardrobes. (You can't see those of users you've blocked nor can they see yours)

-You can now destroy seeds (cannot be used on fully grown plants) you’ve accidentally planted, removing them from pots. This will not use durability and will not refund the seed.

-The charges bar for Warriors should now accurately represent the amount of charges left for villagers with a 25 charge cap.

-Users who had initially tried to claim their Certified FurVilla Fan badge and then lost their login streak should be able to update their address without having to achieve the streak again. (more information regarding this will be posted soon)

-Item museum now displays FD costs on recipes that require FD.

-The Fair Exchange is now available - link is on the Town Hall dropdown.

-The FDE now has its stock split into tabs!

-New winter Village icons and some updated colors!
DMM: Candy Cane
OD: Snowglobe
OFB: Wreath
QP: Sleigh
TEP: Snowflakes

-Inventory, Stall, and Storage expansion prices will now cap at 50,000 FC.

-Wardrobe Slots now cost a flat 50,000 FC per slot.

Be advised that the site may run a bit more slowly at first but should speed up after a bit. Please use the Reports link at the bottom of the page to file a ticket if you find anything going wonky around the site or with your account!

We’re Back!



Posted by Admin-Mat on 11 Dec 2018, 4:21 pm


Hi all, just stopping by with a quick reminder for everyone! Please expect some scheduled maintenance DOWNTIME tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12th beginning at 5pm Furvilla Time!!! We're not sure exactly how long the scheduled tasks will take but we promise to have the site back up and running ASAP. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Have a Snowtastic Day!


New Chibi Villagers!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 10 Dec 2018, 4:59 pm


Looks like some new Chibi Villager Stickers have popped up in the FurDollar Emporium! We hope that you all enjoy the new additions!


Have a Winter Wonderful Day!


A Gift For You This Winter Season!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 9 Dec 2018, 7:47 pm


It's a festive time of year!

Please enjoy a gift from Furvilla, a lovely pair of Winter's Majesty Stags!



You will receive 2 pets using this code, but you may need to trade with each other or use breeding potions to get the pair you desire.

Have a wonderful wintertime (or summertime in your hemisphere), and enjoy the season with friends and family.

- Aspen -


Furvilla Is Turning 2!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 7 Dec 2018, 12:00 am


Happy 2nd Annifursary Furvilla! We’re all so glad to have gotten to spend another year with all of you and we’re even more excited to celebrate with all our amazing users, both old and new!

Staff Gifts!

The gifts are coming early this year! Our Staff got together and came up with some special gifts that we wanted to give to everyone celebrating with us this year!


The Furvilla 2nd Annifursary Gift Box will be available December 7th through January 1st, findable from a special Explore Event and in the following Battlegrounds:

-Wandering Monsters I
-Wandering Monsters II
-Wandering Monsters III
-Wandering Monsters IV
-Deadly Monsters
-Deadlier Monsters
-Cat Warriors
-The Abyss


The Furvilla 2nd Annifursary Gift Box is a Openable Item that will distribute a random Staff gift like the ones above (and lots more). Have fun opening and collecting!

2nd Annifursary Trophy!

Looks like we’ve got something shiny here to help commemorate the occasion!



New Bovine Color!

And now I am proud to present a very awesome new color for our Bovine Villager species!



You can create a Bison Villager using the Bovine Morphing Potion, enjoy!


Please check these previous news posts, Site Downtime and Candle Fairies, for some important information!

Oh and according to this crumpled piece of paper that was just shoved into my hand by a certain Hyena, some shady looking shop has opened up.

Click here to visit, if you dare...

And a big thanks for 2 amazing years on Furvilla from myself and the rest of the site's Staff!


Snow Festival Candle Fairy News!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 6 Dec 2018, 5:33 pm


With the Snow Festival approaching we are giving you warning to use your Snow Festival Candle Fairies if you want any of the furniture items that they give out. We will be removing the furniture stock from those fairies and officially retiring all those items. Please use your Candle Fairies by 12:00pm Furvilla time on December 16th if you would like to collect any of the Holiday Furniture items!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Questing Tweaks and Upcoming Downtime

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 5 Dec 2018, 4:34 pm


New Items to Help You Quest!

I hope you've all been having fun discovering some of the newest items in Furvilla!


The above can be found through unique village explore events and battlegrounds! All Clawtooth themed loot can be found in all villages, Wandering Monsters, Deadly Monsters and the Abyss.

"But Aspen", you ask. "What are they for?"

Now, the questing system is a bit tedious, and admittedly in need of a revamp. However, with so many pressing projects on our plate, we've decided to make things a tiny bit easier for now on those who would like to collect shards.

All furniture, costumes, and costume parts have been removed from the quest pool. Instead, the above items will now be requested in addition to other site items. Their drop rates are high, and ultimately it should be much easier to trade, buy, or find these items to use for questing as more and more people discover them. Help each other!

You will still need to work together to craft weapons, brew medicine, and find other items around Furvilla to satisfy quest requirements, but I hope this change will help you progress to your goals. We've also added some splendid new vistas to the shop, and more content will be added regularly as well!


"ASPEN," you scream. "But what will I do with all the furniture I have just laying around?"

Well, rest assured that the current house feature isn't going away, but I did happen to hear that a certain Serpent might be looking for some nice home goods in addition to his usual demands of weapons and pets.

This Serpent... right here...

So if you happen to have a few nightstands or pink couches laying around collecting dust, do not fret. The Serpent's house is large, your tribute is much awaited.

Upcoming Downtime and Site Maintenance

Furvilla will be going down for some very important site maintenance on Wednesday, December 12th (exact time will be announced in advance). We do not have an estimate of how long the downtime will last.

We will be making some vital changes behind the scenes. These changes are necessary to ensure the future of the site and help our community to grow. Once this task is accomplished, we can begin allowing larger inventories, new features, support more players, and begin more visible work on other aspects of the site.

This downtime should not interfere with the Tiger Eye Peak festival, which will be held later this month. Also, this Friday is Furvilla's 2nd anniversary! Please plan to join us for some special festivities! More on that next time...

Until then,
- Aspen -


December Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Dec 2018, 5:29 pm


December has arrived and with it comes the new monthly goodies and coldness!

New Minipets

The December FD Pets are here! Let's see what we have for this month...


First we have the Wreathdeer! How festive!


Aww...they just wanna help! It’s the Decosaur! Please let them help...


Cozy Badgers! I wonder where they got such well made sweaters...

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until January 1st.

December Feast Minipets



The December 2018 Seeds are here! Time to take a peek at what we have for this month...

Dragonsmaw Manor: 4073-sinister-poinsetter-seed.png4064-english-poinsetter.png

Oceandome: 4072-aquatic-poinsetter-seed.png4066-german-shorthaired-pointer-poinsett

Olde Foxbury: 4071-armoured-poinsetter-seed.png4065-wirehaired-griffon-poinsetter.png

Quetzal Palace: 4069-radiant-poinsetter-seed.png4067-brittany-poinsetter.png

Tigereye Peak: 4070-frozen-poinsetter-seed.png4068-weimaraner-poinsetter.png


Lots of fun stuff happening this month, 2nd Annifursary of Furvilla is fast approaching and we’re all looking forward to celebrating with you!

You can expect to see some contests open up mid month and run through mid January so start preparing to get creative and win some prizes.

And Mayor Polaria would like me to remind everyone that Tigerseye Peak is getting ready for the year’s festivities and can’t wait to enjoy the Snow Festival will all of Furvilla!

I am cold and need cocoa stat, stay warm everyone!


Midwest FurFest!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 30 Nov 2018, 10:53 am


Hello, everyone!

We have some news for those attending Midwest FurFest this weekend! We have obtained a limited amount of merchandise from previous ownership and made arrangements to have it available at the convention. You may purchase Furvilla plush and keychains at table E15, run by artist Mary Mouse. You may also pick up a FREE Furvilla button and shopping bag! All of these items are available while supplies last. Plushes also come with a code for an in-game version! Please give your username at the time of purchase, and your code will be PMed to your account by December 7th.


Mary is the artist of the 90-day streak Furvilla Fan Badge, and will have some of those badges available at the con. If you haven’t recived your badge, you may give a booth worker your username and you can pick up your badge in person without waiting for us to ship it to you. Your badge will then be marked as shipped in our database. (Other badge orders will begin shipping in December, after we confirm addresses).

Finally, you may also give your username to recieve a code for the Furvilla convention trophy! Trophy codes will be delivered to your account via PM before December 7th.


Please note that we are aware that some of you would like to order Furvilla merchandise by mail. We have no plans to order or ship any merch just yet, as we are focusing on the site itself. When the time comes to have merch available again, we will announce it loudly!

To those attending the con, have fun and stay safe!

- Aspen -