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Furvilla Merchandise Shop is Here!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 20 Sep 2019, 9:15 pm


Hi everyone, I am here today to announce the opening of Furvilla's Merchandise Shop!

Mystery Sticker 3 Pack!


Our main offering is our Mystery Sticker 3-Pack. These packs contain three random vinyl 3" tall stickers plus an exclusive in-game code for a Furvilla Sticker Pack Series 1, containing one of six magical stickers!

These codes are only available in mystery packs!


Individual Stickers

Is there a sticker you absolutely want, but don't wish to try your luck with a mystery pack? Well, we've listed each available sticker individually. All individual stickers are online exclusives, and are not available at conventions.


There are over 70 to choose from!

Some stickers, including the Royal Fox, Primordial Shifty and Furvilla Logo are not available in mystery packs and can only be purchased individually. This information will be marked in their descriptions.

Stick me anywhere. I dare you.

All stickers can be stuck on anything you like! Cars, laptops, lockers, book covers, folders... anywhere! They are waterproof and have beautiful vibrant art.

Furvilla Badges!

We also are carrying Furvilla badges! These are double-sided, laminated laser printed badges featuring many of Furvilla's species and costumes. Don't see your favorite yet? Don't worry, we will add more from time to time, if demand exists.


The Oracle Door Hanger - Get one FREE with any order!

Our final item, is the Oracle themed Furvilla door hanger. While you may order them from the store if you would like more than one, we are including 1 FREE door hanger with EVERY ORDER.


Trophy Code

Every order placed will also arrive with a special trophy code to unlock the Super Shopper Trophy for your profile. This code is only available through our online store.

What a cute little bag!

Other Information

Our shop is powered by storenvy, and we ship worldwide. Paypal or credit/debit cards are accepted. In order to provide the lowest shipping costs possible, some small items may ship without tracking. All proceeds from our shop go to funding content for Furvilla.com.

Questions about your order can be made through the contact us form right here on Furvilla, or through our store's contact form.

We realize that there may be a product that previous ownership carried that is no longer available. Should demand persist, we may add new products to our shop in the future, however our current primary focus is developing the game, not selling merchandise for profits. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Also, we are planning an on-demand shop which will carry items such as shirts. More information will be available as plans develop!

On one final note, you may notice we shifted a few things around on the navigation bar to accommodate a link to the shop. You may also use the contact us form to directly inquire about merchandise and Certified Furvilla Fan badge mailings.

Thank you so much for your patience while we set up shop, and please have an AWESOME weekend!

- Aspen -


Look, a Trophy!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 16 Sep 2019, 5:02 pm


Hi there, I've got one last thing for our 2019 OD Festival...Big thanks to everyone for celebrating with us this year! May you forever enjoy being cursed by this angry golden octopus...



Have an awesome day!


New Costumes, New Friends!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 11 Sep 2019, 8:22 pm


Hi everyone!

I am SO excited to finally reveal a project we've had in the works for several months now, three brand new costumes!

Graffiti, Feral, and Classic Cartoon!

Now, these costumes look a bit different from what you are used to seeing on Furvilla. We are expanding our artist pool by hiring various creators to do specific costume sets. The Graffiti Costume is gorgeously rendered by JagBull, our Feral Costume is the amazing creation of Kitchiki, and the Classic Cartoon Costume is brought to you by Mary Mouse.

Each costume will be starting with six species and future additions will be only drawn by their respective artist. This way, we can bring a wide variety of styles to Furvilla, as well as provide regular, varied content. We will also be working to provide costume options for popular and less popular species to help spread the love around.

All new costumes have bases available, and painties may be made for them using all existing paintie rules.

All new bases can be found here.

Please note! We will not be commissioning any artists to draw species not already represented in Furvilla or to add to any current costumes, as Kiwiggle remains our main artist. These new costumes, as well as our new festival-based stone items are additional expansion content that we hope you will enjoy.

So, how do you obtain one of these costumes? Well, tell your Tailors and Crafters their vacation is over and visit any village's costume and crafting shops to pick up some basic supplies...


Versatile Sewing Set and Versatile Fabric will stock in all villages, and you may pick up blueprints and all needed recipes for needed costume items in all village crafting shops.

Have you been making your dye?

From now until September 23rd, shop stock will remain unlimited. After that time, these items will restock as often as other sewing kits, fabrics, patterns and blueprints. So, stock up!

Current Costume Buff Pump-Up!

The news isn't over yet! Existing costume buffs have been given a raise to some buff percentages. Here is a list of changes:

Animal Husbandry: +20% chance of collection (up from +10%)
Construction Worker: +30% crafting & repairs (up from +5%)
Crafter: +30% crafting speed (up from +5%)
Alchemist: +30% crafting speed (up from +5%)
Blacksmith: +30% crafting speed (up from +5%)
Tailor: +30% crafting speed (up from +5%)
Cook +30% cooking speed (this is a new costume buff, separate from the 5% Magical Sweeticorn cooking buff)

Warrior, Blessed Warrior, Herbalist, and Explorer remain untouched as their buffs are currently solid. Doctor remains untouched as we redevelop the career entirely.

Summer Picnic Reminder

Picnic ends September 23rd.

Remember, our Furvilla Summer Picnic will be ending sometime on September 23rd. If you would like to use your invitations to get food, please use them before that date. Using Picnic Invitations after September 23rd will trigger a new explore event... one that might just have you pitching in to clean up after the festivities.

Shop News

My final update is concerning the new Furvilla shop. We are currently in the process of finalizing shipping costs and stock listings. Look for our grand opening announcement sometime next week.

The shop will be small at first with inexpensive offerings as we determine demand for future items. At launch, we will be carrying Mystery Sticker packs, some single stickers, door hangers, and laminated badges. All merchandise will ship worldwide and sales go directly into supporting Furvilla.


A sample of the upcoming goods!

Thank you for your patience as we set up shop.


- New Costumes by various artists are here!
- Purchase Sewing kits, fabric and blueprints at your village's crafting and costume shops.
- New costumes may have painties created using provided bases, following all current paintie rules
- More costumes by various artists are on the way, Kiwiggle remains our main site artist for species and existing costume expansions

- Some current costumes have had buffs powered up!

- Furvilla's new merch shop will be opening next week. Sticker packs, door hangers and badges will be available at launch.

Whew! That's it!

And as always, we have a lot more in development for Furvilla's future. I hope that you enjoy this new content!

- Aspen -


September Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Sep 2019, 4:09 pm


September is here, again! So it's time to check out the new monthly goodies!

New Minipets

The September FD Pets are here! Let's take a peek at what we have for this month...


First up is the Pangolin! Armoured friends!


Part Parrot, part Piglet...Pirglet!


Time for a nature walk? Don’t forget to take your Phasmid!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until October 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

September Feast Minipets



Hoyalty Seeds are back again for September 2019, check them out below!

Dragonsmaw Manor: 3711-sinister-hoyalty-seed.png3713-cheery-hoyalty.png

Oceandome: 3709-aquatic-hoyalty-seed.png3715-stellar-hoyalty.png

Olde Foxbury: 3710-armoured-hoyalty-seed.png3712-hedgy-hoyalty.png

Quetzal Palace: 3707-radiant-hoyalty-seed.png3716-nosy-hoyalty.png

Tigereye Peak: 3708-frozen-hoyalty-seed.png3714-gentle-hoyalty.png

Quick Event Info

I am sure those of you that were here last year have noticed that the Oceandome Event Buttons from 2018 have made an appearance again this year! This is something you can expect to continue in the future for Festival Buttons and Stickers (distribution method to still be determined on these).
Other retired festival items may reappear as well but exactly which items will be at the discretion of Staff.

Happy, almost, Autumn!


Oceandome Event Shop Is Open!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 31 Aug 2019, 5:20 am


It's that time again, time to spend your Plunder Points! The Oceandome Event Shop is stocked and open for business!

What are you still doing here, go buy things!!!

Happy Shopping!


Oceandome Treasure Fest 2019!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 Aug 2019, 12:00 pm


Hey guys, looks like it’s that time again! What time you ask? TREASURE TIME! The Annual Oceandome Festival Treasure Hunt is in full swing and it’s time to party! For those of you that have been here for past festivals, you will notice some small changes, mostly that we've done away with the whole Viking vs Pirate theme, so there is only a single ship upgrade path this year. The rest of the event is pretty much the same with a few added treats so read on to learn all about it!


Ready to get started with your treasure hunting? Get your Crafter set as your active, and head on over to the event page and pick a boat!

This is kind of a little boat though, huh? There may be sharks (there are definitely sharks), so you're going to need a bigger boat!


You’ll need to craft boat items to make your upgrades and we’re here to tell you right where you can find all the supplies to do that!


Some cool new recipes have shown up in your Crafter's career page (if you don't remember how to get there, click on the career shield next to your active villager!). You're going to want to craft Adventure Wheels to help you find the items necessary to craft your new recipes!


Adventure Wheel Fragments are found by exploring... So be sure to get your explorers all equipped and ready to investigate every crevice and overturn every stone! Soon as you have the necessary number of Adventure Wheel Fragments, you'll be able to craft an Adventure Wheel, and then you can find boat upgrade supplies and treasure!
**Adventure Wheel Fragments can also be found in both Under the Sea battlegrounds along with a few other goodies so be sure to check in with your Warrior for a bit of extra fun.**


Let's see who can build the biggest boat, huh? The bigger the boat, the better the plunder!


But what are you going to do with all that loot, you might ask? Well, aside from creating a sizable hoard like a sea dragon, you can trade in your plunder for special event items in the Treasure Trove! which will open in a week.


And it looks like it’s almost time again for the Leodon to make their migration to Oceandome... Perhaps as soon as within the next week!

An Aspen Invasion!

Hi everyone, Aspen here with some very special news for you!

With this festival, we are introducing a new item type, stones.

Colorful stones!

Stones function similarly to magical plushes and stickers, however they are not collectible to keep in a gallery. When you use a stone on a villager, it will turn into a new species color! For our Oceandome festival this year, we are introducing the color Ocean Dreams.

Colorful friends!

These and all future stone-created villagers will have their bases available right here for you to create painties of your own! Once a stone has been used, it will lose it's magic and become a keepsake souvenir.

You will also get to visit with the Ocean Dreams villagers throughout the festival, both though exploring and friendly sparring in the battlegrounds! If you are lucky, one may give you a magical stone as a gift. Also, stones will be available at the end of the event in the shop, so don't worry if you don't find one right away.

Please note! Stone colors are not replacements for our regular artist, Kiwiggle. They are supplemental content which will be created by members of our staff team to add some fun and variety to our festivals. We hope you enjoy this new addition!

Recap Time w/Mat!

Just a few bits to wrap up here...But please be sure to read the whole news post, I know it’s a lot but it’s important stuff!

- The Treasure Trove Shop will open a week into the event on August 31st.
- You'll have one week after the event (Sept. 14th) to spend any remaining plunder points before the shop is removed and the points are lost.
- To get started on the event, all you have to do is explore. Note that drop rates & prices may be subject to change due to player feedback.
- If you didn't set a Crafter before selecting a boat and do not have the recipes as a result, they can be bought at The Recycling Shop
-Be sure to check out the Under the Seas battlegrounds for Adventure Wheel Fragments and other fun stuff! (Admin-Wisteria wants me to remind you that the drops from both grounds will be available in the event shop, purchasable with Plunder Points.)
- Event ends at 12:00 AM on September 8th.


**Viewer is not needed to use Adventure Wheels, it is just a keepsake item.**

Now get out there and get that treasure!


2019 Oceandome Festival to start tomorrow at noon!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 23 Aug 2019, 11:26 pm


Hello all! Testing is done and we are back online. We have some finishing touches to make, but we plan on starting the 2019 Oceandome Festival tomorrow at noon Furvilla Time!

Thank you!


Scheduled downtime tomorrow at 11PM

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Aug 2019, 7:14 pm


Hello! Tomorrow night starting at around 11:00PM Furvilla Time we will be going into maintenance mode for preparation for the 2019 Oceandome Festival. We expect this to take less than an hour.


New Villager News!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 20 Aug 2019, 12:45 am


"Hey! Hi there! You’re a friend of the Chief right? Yeah, you are, I totally recognize you, I’ve given you a cool drum thingy before!

I need some help, it looks like some more friends from back home have finally arrived and the Chief and Sage Ismene asked me to make sure they feel welcome...And you have a super nice, welcoming face so I thought you could help me out, just be friendly and all that, ya know?"


"Ok, now that that is settled, it’s time to meet the new friends! Introducing some big buddies with even bigger hearts, Elephants!"


"They even brought a little buddy along with them, isn’t it just the cutest? I hear these guys like to hang around that Fur Dollar Emporium place with that fancy pants Gembound so you can look for them there!"


"Oh! Wait, before you go you’ve totally gotta take one of these super cool books I found!"


- Jherin -


It's Too Hecking Hot Contest Winners!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 4 Aug 2019, 8:49 pm


Hey everyone! It's Kaleo, here to bring you the winners of the It's Too Hecking Hot contests!

Paintie Contest

First Place Winner! Hyperbole (#35995)

Second Place: SheepShape (#5760)

Third Place: noll (#12373)

Fourth Place: Ceruleanfire (#116261)

Fifth Place: CrunchyLatte (#37622)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive a Paintie Ticket or their Paintie uploaded, Golden Paintbrush Trophy, and their choice of any 3 current or past FD Emporium Pet Boxes or 1 Magic Chibi Shifty Sticker.

Art Contest!

First Place Winner! Sealterbloind (#140648)

Second Place: Gilda (#72308)

Third Place: Khisyra (#1141)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive the Art Contest Trophy, 1000 FurDollars, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes!

Vista Contest!

First Place Winner! Baelfin (#35056)

Second Place: SheepShape (#5760)

Third Place: Sealterbloind (#140648)

Fourth Place: snafflewyrm (#20990)

Winning Vistas have been uploaded to the Recycler! Winners will receive their prizes shortly.

Chibi Shifty Paintie Contest!

First Place Winner! MariahKat (#18611)

Second Place: doin-me-a-frighten (#131482)

Third Place: greyer (#140470)

Fourth Place: forestcheeto (#31207)

Fifth Place: kuroikitzune (#117312)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive a Paintie Ticket or their Paintie uploaded, Golden Paintbrush Trophy, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes OR 1 Magic Chibi Shifty Sticker!

Writing Contest!

First Place Winner! Soggy Sand Beast by MariahKat (#18611)

Second Place: Fireworks on the Beach from Space by KilljoyLights (#4515)

Third Place: Raising Shell by MsLupinetti (#77910)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive the Contributor Trophy, 1000 FurDollars, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes!
All winning entries have been uploaded to the Knowledgebase!

With that, we wrap up the winners of the Too Hecking Hot contests! Congratulations to all the winners!

♦ MOD-Kaleo ♦