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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:55 pm

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I may take a while to respond sometimes, and I promise it's nothing personal! I just get overwhelmed sometimes and need time to compose myself before replying. Talking can be very tiresome, and thank you in advance for your patience!

10/20/17 -
Got a max durability Sword of Discourse! But no trophy :c ah well

12/19/18 -
Got max durability Shield of Discourse! Buuuut still no trophy...

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    • I did, wanted to sell it fast ^^

    • I meant to price more but its fine XD

    • nope that's all I need, thanks for jumping in ^^

    • I did, you're fine ^^ It's actually very cheap because it can be found in an OD explore event

    • Thank you for the kind words! My second main is indeed my priest, but my first main is a druid! It's nice to see another WoW fan around. ^^

    • unfortunally bear isnt the best tank at the moment but they want to buff it with next patch ^-^ I really love the zandalari druids I made one as well but it's not 120 yet I couldnt resist the travel forms c: never really tried healer idk why it seems hard to play to me and I had a really hard time to get the healer artifact on legion ;o

    • thank you ^-^ yes I do I love playing as cat and as bear <3

    • aaaaaa! oh gosh, thank you so much! that means so much to hear omg <3

    • if youre sure abt that :0
      hopefully your situation gets better!

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