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Welcome to Ouroboros, an island village relatively close to Oceandome in the Aqualis Sea. While not part of the larger town that gives the region of Oceandome its name, they still happily fall under the jurisdiction of Mayor Octavia, as she is in charge of the entire region and not just the capital town.

The village specialty is costumes, with people from all careers pitching in during all stages to create the final product. These are then shipped out via the boat the Singing Tide to buyers all over Furvilla. As a happy bonus, because Ouroboros is an island village, it is protected from the monsters of the deep below. As for those that surface to attack ships, there are several warriors living in Ouroboros, who rotate through guard duty on the boat. Problem solved.

Ouroboros is a small town, and the people living here are very welcoming and always up for a chat. Being a village on an isolated island, meeting new people is always a treat, and gossip spreads fast. Visitors often find themselves leaving with a present or two forcibly shoved into their paws.

There is a small sub-island not too far from shore, and the only building on it is a house attached to a giant storeroom, and a sign reading “Belphegor’s Island”. It's off-limits to visitors unless specifically invited.

Despite being a small and relatively obscure village, Ouroboros is pretty diverse. Species from all over Furvilla - and even citizens of Clawtooth and beyond - reside here. The town is built with this is mind: roads are divided in half, with one part being paved stone, and the other a canal, to accommodate both terrestrial and fully aquatic villagers.

Ouroboros is also a popular place for warriors to come to train; it's not an uncommon sight to see villagers from other towns training on the island or fighting in the nearby battlegrounds under the waves.

Strange and startling things involving visitors tend to get a request for the story behind it rather than judgmental stares and whispering. Well, from almost all of them anyway. After all, the village has its own fair share of strange and startling things, and people are curious. Or just seeking entertainment - I’m looking at you Belphegor.

In the end, whether you're here to buy, chat, or even just rest your paws, Ouroboros is glad to have you.

Pixel art by Dream-Treader

1) Budgies! My goal’s to get the whole set, so far I’ve got a pair of commons right now. I love them, I've got a blue and white one as a pet and he's great. Storm happens to be farsighted but I adore him regardless. It's hilarious when he's trying to figure out where the bars of the cage in front of his face are to grab next so he can keep climbing and he ends up doing this banana dance instead XD
2) Qurious Blade
3) Socket-O-Matics
4) Regi boxes! I will gladly be a trash receptacle for any and all unwanted boxes
5) Paintie Tickets (yes, I have my priorities straight, this is in the correct order lol)
6) Lots of earthen slabs/dark gemstones/vibrant gemstones/white fabric

Hi, I’m Pikabolt. It’s the username I tend to use on, well, pretty much everything haha. I’m a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokémon. I enjoy writing, playing video games, reading, and drawing occasionally, though for whatever reason lately I’ve just been drawing a lot more. I draw traditional and color digitally; it’s a system that works for me.

Feel free to comment on my characters; if you comment in character, they’ll return the favor. You’ll know it’s them because they speak with quotation marks. Sometimes they’ll even come bearing presents!

My epic avatars were made by SpiritMind33 , they’re really talented! I’ve got three, each with different expressions, that I cycle through ^-^

Fairy Visits:
- Berserker Fairy
- The Karma Fairy
- The Squirrel Fairy
- Origami Fairy
- Fluffy Rosy Fairy
- Lava Fairy
- Brass Fairy
- Froppy Fairy
- Jurassic Faerie
- Moon Fair-y
- The Chex Mix Fairy
- Moblin Fairy
- Shooting Star Fairy
- calcium fairy
- Keeper of Dragons
- Anime Fairy
- the stïnky færïë
- pan anime dubstep simp~
- Sweet Fairy
- Yeeter Fae
- Hybrid Fairy
- The Borealis Raven fairy
- Wishful Thinking Fairy
- Skunk
- Kiri Fairy
- Bethany
- Plague Doc Fairy
- Edibles Fairy
- Black Heart Fairy!
- Tiny Fairy

Wow, this is getting pretty long. Thank you very much guys for your kindness. Your visits never fail to brighten up my day, no matter if it’s words or items you bring.

I’m an anon fairy. Who? The world may never know.


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    • I just find Alazar so cute, and I love having Koa interact with people ;)

    • Awwww (I may have to doodle that XD)

    • I will ^^ (Koa's chill with pretty much anybody, as long as they aren't his dad, Wykin, or a Snapper XD)

    • Ahhh thank you! Now I have to decide which one of my snakes to use it on! <3

    • OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! It's even magic I,,, How can I pay you back??

    • Thank you for the items!

    • Thank you for the Potion :D

    • Lol, today's been a good day, I've never been able to beat anyone since I'm not terribly invested in the career and idk how to warrior XD but I really appreciate it!! I could tell that they were getting better every battle and it honestly inspired me too! I can't wait to see you again~

    • Omg thanks so much :D Also love the story on your profile

    • Thank you so much for the seeds, they'll help me out a lot!

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